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How Fast Should My Plants Grow?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Filipino Hooker, Feb 2, 2009.

    Filipino Hooker

    Filipino Hooker Active Member

    Hey I have 3 plant that are a little over a month old and 3 seedlings. My older plants are only about 5 inches tall and this worries me... aren't they supposed to grow faster than this?

    I dont think nute burn would slow the plants grwth, bcuz I am using soil and its MG, but I'm thinking is it possible the pH is too high?
    Douche Nozzle

    Douche Nozzle Well-Known Member

    I had something similar happen. I used MG and everything was fine then they came to a complete stop on growing. They looked healthy but weren't big. I change soils and they took right back off. Also it may be root bound if your pots are too small. Some people do fine with MG but I couldn't get them to grow.
    Filipino Hooker

    Filipino Hooker Active Member

    Hmmm... ok then I will chip some ice tomorrow and see if i can reach the ground in my yard. Then I'll dig up some dirt and transplant...

    I am kicking myself now because I added some diluted lemon juice to the soil to try and lower the pH... even though I dont have test strips and I dont know what the actual pH is. I just have a feeling that it's too high.

    doctorgreeneggsandham Well-Known Member

    Dude be carefull your gonna really fuck your plants up using outdoor soil because it has lots of nasty shit in it. If you have to use it then at least bake it in the oven at the lowest temp for an hour or two then crank it to 250 tops for another hour or two depending on the pot your baking and amount of soil. Also I wouldnt mess with your ph. We may be able to help you. I doubt its a nutrient problem if your pic in your profile is your plant it looks healthy.. It also only looks 3 weeks old tops. Im guessing it could be a matter of either watering, how much light it is getting or your temps. could you please post what is your high low temps, how often and much you water them, what kind of lighting you use, and whatever else you can think of that may be relivant. peace out
    AJ Toker

    AJ Toker Well-Known Member

    what kind of lighting? My one week old is almost 5 inches. It's under a 400w MH @ 24" away

    jesus420 Well-Known Member

    yeah if you have really good lighting on an indica they should be short like that, but have big broad tightly packed leaves.

    show us a pic if you can that will help a lot. i used MG as well, my plants were constantly just slightly nute burned and yeah i'm pretty sure this is the reason for slow growth.

    what size pots do you have them in. about now it's time for a transplant.

    5in is pretty short for over a month in, and somehow i doubt you're using an MH.

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