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How early will plants show signs of hermaphrodite?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by fadetoblack72, Apr 8, 2010.


    fadetoblack72 Active Member

    Sour Diesel
    Started from seeds of hermie plant
    Plants are about 6 weeks old(maybe more)
    Day 11 of 12/12
    First signs of female flowers on some

    I am just sexing these plants then going back to veg.

    Will I see signs of male pollen sacks at this point? Should I continue to flower to see if they turn hermie? How long should I wait before going back to vegging?


    Xare Well-Known Member

    There are two kinds of Hermaphrodite cannabis plants.

    True hermies or banana hermies.

    A true hermie will show male and female preflowers at the node when it reaches sexual maturity.

    A banana hermie will sprout male banana pollen pods from the buds late in flower. Depending on the strain maybe @ 7-8 weeks flowering

    If your seeds came from a banana hermie pollination they are FEM seeds.

    You will not see early male pods on this type of plant. Only late in flower will they show up. And not on 100% of the progeny.
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    fadetoblack72 Active Member

    the seeds were from a plant that produced male pods (banana looking things) late into flowering. I think that it was caused from too much heat. It was well above 90f in the small box I had them in with poor ventilation.
    So I guess they are feminized seeds? I want to be sure so maybe I should leave them until they all show female flowers and then go back to veg?
    Can I put them back to veg and top them at the same time or do you think i should wait a week or 2?

    Xare Well-Known Member

    If you had no males nearby when they were flowering then yes they are Feminized seeds.

    You wont need to flower them anymore, put them back into veg lighting ASAP.

    Yea, you can top them at the same time.

    fadetoblack72 Active Member

    I keep looking at a few plants and they seem to have male flowers but they are very small. Will the females look male before the pistils shoot out? The seed were from the same plants that all produced the banana looking male parts. Will A "true" hermaphrodite produce that type of male flower? (I noticed you called the other ones bananas) If it is hermie will they all be if planted from the same seeds? Some that look like males have female parts as well but just a couple of hairs shooting out. Tried to get pics but camera sucks.

    fadetoblack72 Active Member


    08gilmju Member

    The plant that turned in to a Hermaphrodite on you in the beginning, the one you got the seeds from for your second run, was it a feminized seed to begin with? Plants that came from feminized seeds that are stressed late in flower that hermaphrodite based on environmental stresses should not be used. These seeds will have a prevalence to hermaphrodite. Only plants that came from regular seed that are stressed in to hermaphrodism in flower are safe to use for a second time guaranteed female with very little chance of holding on to the Hermaphrodism gene.

    08gilmju Member

    Oh by the way its easier to distinguish sex by going below the top node while your plants are in veg and squeezing the stem till you here it snap. Wait about 7 days and the node above where you snapped the stem will show its sex at the nodal region.

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