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How early can u start flowering?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by dirtyshawa, May 12, 2008.


    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    I was wondering could u start the flowering process with a plant say, 6 in. or even shorter?

    bba Well-Known Member

    you can if they are cuttings taken from a sexually mature mother plant, but if you are talkin a 6 in seedling, sure u can start the 12-12 but it will not be flowering until they're sexually mature. you can grow a plant in 12-12 from seed, but its not flowering until its ready.

    hope that helps

    clones = yes
    seedlings = not until sexually mature.


    Bunnyc Active Member

    I can remember reading that the plant is only ready to mature at 12 inches and over.

    Can someone back me up on that one?

    thegigglepimp Well-Known Member

    Well generally speaking after 12 inches theyre ready. But the earlier you force flower them the smaller your yield will be. Like someone mentioned above you can start from 12/12 but your outcome wont be that great unless you have a load of plants at once.

    whatapothead Well-Known Member

    agreed. grow a mother then take clones and flower. thats what i have done. i flowered at 6-8" if you wanna check out my end result i'll be harvesting in a week to a week and a half.

    its in the sig....

    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    good looking peeps. the info you guys gave me sounds like it makes some sense. this is my first grow i have six plants growing half are some kind of light green sativa and the other half are some kind of indica. Don't know what strain, i got them from a Canadian breeder. i've always been an extremely fast learner and it seems the same with cultivating herb. With the info u guys gave me i think i'm going to keep a mother from each and clone each, but, i will also attempt to cross breed indica/sativa and on the flip side sativa/indica.

    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    okay pothead, i'd like to see those results. Could u post them in this thread whenever u get them and what strain are u growing?

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    I did 2 flowers from seed,,,,,2 weeks in I transferred back to my veg and they showed sex.....2 for 2 females.....I dont know whether placing them in flower room first got me the 100% female rate, but i'm gonna try this again and see what happens.....

    Barrelhse Well-Known Member

    That's a cool observation- how did they do back in veg?
    Last edited: May 15, 2008

    gohydro Well-Known Member

    Generally you shouldn't force flowering until you see preflowers. That is when a plant becomes sexually mature and is usually about 12-16" or 4-5 nodes. If you don't know how to identify them look through RIU....you'll find the answer. If you go to 12/12 before that you'll get a huge amount of stretch and your yield will be smaller. HOWEVER....if you take cuttings off a sexually mature Mom the cuttings will be mature too and you can go to 12/12 almost immediately.

    This is what happens when you start from seed and wait until they're mature. Even though these are Indica they're still too big.

    Papaya, Hindu Kush Aerotub Journal
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    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member


    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    i was orginally gonna do the whole grow 12\12 from seed but decided to put in veg 2 weeks in.... they doing great they picked back up within 2 days..... im vegging for 2 more weeks and then putting into flower......

    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    okay sunnyD, have you ever done a complete grow 12/12 and if so, how did it work out for u? anybody else?:peace:

    gohydro Well-Known Member


    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    thanks for the info dro. like i was saying this is my first grow and i'm doing it organically just to get a hang of things, meanwhile, i'm getting my dro research in. i'll definitely being going dro after i harvest. it seems funny that you have 3ft of waisted stem growing a indica(probably closer to 50/50). how long are you vegging? me, well i plan on vegging just enough to make the plant sturdy enough to flower. i want to keep my first grow very very manageable almost like a rose garden but, not like that autoflowering bullshit. i'm growing sativas and i'm actually using the sun light, so, no waisted electricity. also, shouldn't the use of co2 make up for a lot of the reduce in yield, due to 12/12 through the plants entire life cycle? i'll start a journal once i start the flowering process this should be around the second week in June.:blsmoke:

    gohydro Well-Known Member

    CO2 systems are nice but require thought before installing. Personally, and when given the choice, I invested in a Reverse Osmosis system rather than CO2. Proper CO2 systems should have monitoring, fan relays (to shut down fans and close dampers) solenoid valves and various other components. I use the old 5gal bucket/sugar/yeast method myself.

    If you're going hydro eventually you'll need a good PH meter and a good PPM/EC meter as well as your nutrients. This alone can become fairly expensive. Toss in HID lighting, time clocks (if you want to control when harvest time begins) RO. systems and CO2 injection and you're looking at a pretty hefty bill. If you're a DIY type of person you can save a few $.

    Feel free to PM with any questions you may have.

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    Scoobydoo1922 Member

    I started as normal. Had 4 plants all female seeds and the 2nd week from seedlings into iced white hairs coming from the very firsthand leaves with only 3 leaves. It's only been 5 weeks now and my other plants are normal but this one plant is just one freaking huge kola and with prob no joking 20-22% thc. Never seen anything like it!

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