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How early can i take a clone ?????

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by keentogrow, Aug 24, 2008.


    keentogrow Active Member

    hey guys and girls...

    how early can i take a clone, this will be my secound grow my first is coming to an end. i was given 10 clones white rhino 7 rooted and 3 were given funerals last week.

    my question is my clones are now about 3 weeks old am i able to take clones now or are you supposed to take them off bigger mother plants , i was thinking of taking the top off 2 of them now then cloning them.

    thoughts please...

    phillypete Well-Known Member

    Depending on overall size of the 3 week old plants, What you are saying " i was thinking of taking the top off 2 of them now then cloning them." would work...it would just slow those plants down that you cut, but make sure you have a few nodes worth left over to regrow the cut plants back out.


    HerbieSmith Well-Known Member

    i grew mine to mothers with over 15 nodes before i cut clones. but it really depends on the size. you could have 8 nodes and cut 3... ANy pics?

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    I usually wait until I have 200% of what I plan on cutting down.

    keentogrow Active Member

    thanks guys will get some pics sorted and post my first grow nearly finished and my secound lot that im talking about , thanks for the advice

    BuddGreen Active Member

    Can Someone answer this better???

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