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How does Trainwreck and Super Silver Haze handle cold climates?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by BlackOp, Feb 13, 2010.


    BlackOp Member

    So I was going through some old things and I found my old seed bank in my safe, score! So I have a shit ton of these seeds, which is awesome. Now they are trainwreck and super silver haze, I'm almost 100% sure. How will these do in a cold climate as far as flowering is concerned? If I can use these and save money on seeds, that would rock.
    Gift of the Grow

    Gift of the Grow Member

    idk about silver haze but trainwreck is known for its stability and resistance to cold and insects. and one of my favorite smokes :leaf:

    Shredder111 Well-Known Member

    Bump, what about SSH?

    Shredder111 Well-Known Member

    Bump agiiiiinnnnnnnnn

    BorgClone Member

    last season one of my SSh got a bit of mold in the end... she was a small untoped plant with huge colas and VERY dense buds, i make this the cause of the mold... trainwreck never tried it...

    alexonfire Well-Known Member

    The only thing about the silver haze is that hazes are pure sativa (correct me if im wrong) but they have a longer flowering period than indica or hybrid - thus making it not ready until late fall when there could be frost and it will kill your plant and all the bud will be ruined or moldy. I havent heard of trainwreck outdoor but I really was thinking about doing it myself because it looks like an awesome strain.
    I just purchased 4 single seeds from marijuana-seeds-canada.com
    Im from ontario btw
    1x Fruity Chronic Juice - Feminized for $14.37 each
    1x Frisian Dew - Feminized for $14.24 each
    1x LSD - Feminized for $12.50 each
    1x Northern Light x Big Bud - Feminized for $17.17 each

    I did alot of research about which strains claim to be good for colder climates and these are some good names. Im going to veg for about 6-8 weeks and then clone them put them out hopefully end of may depending on the weather.

    BorgClone Member

    from my experience thats not the only issue, the buds are so dense and that makes mold a problem...

    BlackOp Member

    I'm going to germ some trainwreck seeds this week, wish me luck. I figure its a solid brand name strain and I'm going to hope for the best. I might order some white widow for insurance, not sure. Please keep the suggestions coming.
    Space Angel

    Space Angel Well-Known Member

    +the super silver haze is a indica dominate thus it grows well, but still won't finish until mid-oct, thus knocking on the door of frost, but should be ready by then!

    dirrtyd Well-Known Member

    Super silver haze cannabis is a pure haze sativa crossed with skunk #One and Northern light cannabis strain to keep the unique sativa quality. Although the cerebral high of the sativa is preferred by many indoor growers aren't too fond of the pure sativa strains. Sativa's get very tall take a long time to finish off and produce skimpy yields. But by crossing the Haze the most powerful sativa in the world to non-dominant indica's, it became possible to get the height and flowering time of the Super silver haze cannabis plant down to an acceptable level, produce more yield and still retain the unique sativa qualities of the high. Super silver haze is a great strain to smoke because of her floating sativa high. Super Silver Haze was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999 and also won awards at the High Times harvest festival. The effects when smoked are said to be more stimulating and uplifting than indica type of cannabis because of it's C. sativa ancestry. Super silver haze is a great strain to smoke because of her floating sativa high. Super silver Haze is also used as a very effective medicinal high.Here goes the scoop so you know some of these folks and there myths of what is.

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