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How does any weed look that bad ?!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by oAUSTiNo, Nov 1, 2010.


    oAUSTiNo Active Member

    i just cant picture schwag or some of the shit i buy on a plant? what does a reggie plant even look like?

    micro.grower Well-Known Member

    sorta the same as a dank plant... but full of seeds and not as much bud formation...

    oAUSTiNo Active Member

    oh. yea i guess, ive baught some good reg that'll have alot of hairs on it

    oAUSTiNo Active Member

    lol why would someone want to grow that? especially if it doesn't have alot of bud

    mconn333 Well-Known Member


    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    A regy plant looks just like any other cannabis plant. Picture this you have a hundred seeds and you wanna do an outdoor grow hidden in the middle of a field or a forrest. Your not gonna go take out the males or realy care for it as much as you would an indoor crop so they just let them grow out there and do what they do. then they come chop em down when there ready with seeds stems and all the other crap you find in regz sometimes and just compress the shit outta it. When i was a kid i experimented with reggie seeds and grew some pretty fire buds no seeds what so ever filled with trichomes and smelled good even.

    theFLAKE Active Member

    Alot of the time it could of been dank when it was growing, it's just the mistreatment it's had after the chop, Not dried or cured properly, Crushed up in baggies while still damp etc etc. After all it's only bout the money to some people. Personnally I could never mistreat such an amazing plant it would be sacrilege.

    oAUSTiNo Active Member

    yea im growing what i thought was some reggie, but it does not seem that way at all! covered in sugar with with bright orange hairs. and a strong sweet/skunk smell.

    Fluxcap Active Member

    Because most shwagg is grown in massive fields, cut early and bricked for easy transport.
    I used to ponder this my self until I realized the people selling shwagg knew very little about cannabis and were just flipping what was sold to them.

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