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How do you neutralize/mask that skunky smell?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Crayola, Mar 15, 2007.


    Crayola Well-Known Member

    Alright, my plants are doing really well after i changed the growing situation around a little bit. Every day i wake up and see the fruits of their overnight labor! It's great.

    However, I'm now just starting to notice that when you get close to them, you get a whiff of that classic skunky smell! it's great to know that my little 3.5 week old plants are growing up, sure, but it's sort of bittersweet, because there are plenty of people in my house who... let's say, wouldn't really appreciate that smell...or even my little plants at all! :-|

    Right now, you cannot detect the smell of my four plants unless you put your nose right into them as if you were smelling a flower. But if the odor becomes more noticeable, it would pose a problem. Right now, I'm growing in my room, and the weather is still pretty cold, so opening a window is out of the question. i also can't really make any alterations or cuts to the walls in my room or anything extreme like that.

    I do have a fan on a low setting aimed at my plants for added stem strength/air circulation, and a humidifier placed right near the growing area, if that means anything concerning the odor.

    My question: Are there any simple techniques that i can use to help to neutralize, mask, or reduce the odor of my plants??

    -would the placement of baking soda around my growing area help neutralize the smell?

    -how about the growing of other aromatic herbs? i already have basil and oregano sprouts.

    please list any ideas! old or new, boring or creative! I'm up for any solution!! Thanks all!


    mogie Well-Known Member

    You can pick these up at placed like the salvation army:

    Ozonators can make the smell of even SMELLY strains like Mikado and Romulan practically unnoticeable, unless resin glands are broken by your movements within the grow area. Place the ozonator units in the exhaust line or area or within the grow area itself, above an air circulation or intake/exhaust duct or fan. Purchase a timer to run continuously, except for 30 minutes before and during your scheduled maintenance times. Ozone has a half life of 30 minutes. You may notice a hospital type smell, if ozone levels get higher. Nothing dangerous, but reduced by the use of a timer in the aforementioned fashion. For true stealth, additional ozonators placed in the exhaust line or outside the grow area will take care of any escaping terpenes that have not been oxidized within the garden itself. Larger output inline corona ozonators are preferable for larger vented areas. There are many different sizes for different space requirements, buy the rappropriate size for your area!

    Air Tiger up to 5000 cubic feet
    Uvonair Junior up to 1000 cubic feet
    Uvonair(standard) up to 3000 cubic feet
    Uvonair Plus up to 5000 cubic feet

    They use UV light to produce ozone and require simple monthly cleaning to keep them in top working condition.They are designed to be safe commercial, office and residential use. They come with an ozone detection card to verify maximum ozone levels and your safety.

    UV type ozonator maintenance

    The UV bulb gets coated with dust, which reduces the amount of light emitted and therefore the amount of ozone produced. The bulb should be cleaned at least monthly to maintain peak performance. If you have never cleaned your bulb, you are diminishing the unit's effectiveness and will be surprised with the improvement in odor control afterwards.

    Nietzsche Notes
    A note about UV Ozone Generators
    If you must treat the air inside the grow room due to room leaks/smell seepage it is preferable to use a UV ozone generator. UV ozonators using a frequency of 185nm (approx) do not produce nitric acid as a by-product like corona discharge ozonators do. Thus corona discharge ozone generators should only be used in the exhaust system. If using a UV ogzone generator to treat the air inside the room this could damage your plants if the concentration is too high. I also suggest putting it in the air intake so to allow some time for the Ozone to mix with the air and also not to creat a hot spot right next to the ozone machine.

    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    LOL I love how Mogie goes all out on every post. As always, good feedback.

    What I have implemented were plug in air freshners. They work great and last months. Lighting candles is always a good idea. They will completely take out the smell. Maybe go to your local grocery store/mall/etc. and buy some cheapie candles that smell half-way decent and you can stand.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    I read that someone bought a cheap charcoil furnace filter and duct taped it to a box fan. That was their carbon filter. Don't know how well it worked.

    bigbris2008 Active Member

    Go to Wal-Mart and buy one of those Glade air freshners that puffs those work really well!

    Crayola Well-Known Member

    awesome ideas guys! i might be imagining it, but i think right now i can slightly smell the plants from the computer desk like five feet away haha. so these ideas are perfectly in the knick of time. :-)

    lando421 Well-Known Member

    haha paulio is right, mogie is always thorough!

    Just tell whoever your living with you've found a recent fascination in fragrances, so your going glade fresh crazy! (:
    As I'm sure you already know, if your plants are only 3.5 weeks old and the smell is concerning you now, it will get SIGNIFICANTLY worse. So if plugin freshners barely do the trick now, you might want to research into other methods of odour control.
    Don't be limited to researching ways to mask cannabis smell, as most products designed to eliminate smell will work well for the dope smell. And lots of random products out there really stink ~~

    I can see it now: a closet with a plethora of different odor controls (plugins, air drying, homemade) all playing a vital role.

    good luck my man

    Crayola Well-Known Member

    haha thanks. i just hope i can keep this up and get that smell under wraps so i don't have to move my poor little plants lol

    Bayou_Billy Well-Known Member

    While I am still pretty new at this, my $0.02 is to get a duct fan with a charcoal filter. Not the cheapest route, but worth the investment since you kill two birds with one stone: air circulation/heat venting and smell.

    Videoman had a good suggestion for a cheaper method... install a bathroom fan in the ceiling of your grow room. As long as you are not growing a tremendous crop, venting to the attic should dissapate the smell and it is a great, cheap way to vent - as long as you don't mind a bit of wiring. I, however, am paranoid and would rather have the charcoal filter.
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    ropadope Active Member

    I just bought an Ionic Breeze with a uv light. Will that work to kill the smell?

    strain Member

    I have the same problem, I have a six cloned plant bubble/dwc jungle and two weeks into flower. The room is dank, it was never this bad with soil. It's not Algae or mold, I vegged for 14 days at 8 inches tall and now two weeks later it's the Amazon at almost three feet! In comparison, my soil babies planted at the same time are only six inches in veg.
    I need to make a diy filter or get something fast.

    daddyganga Member

    im just wondering if i could put a uv light under my pLANT THERE 4 WEEKS IN 2 BUD

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