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how do you mask weed into hash bricks??

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by unshaved pubes, Sep 6, 2010.

    unshaved pubes

    unshaved pubes New Member

    i seen alot of hash but im not interested in that smushy disgusting looking slop. i wanna learn how to make those hard looking brown hash bricks. also as to hash, is it more profitable than weed?

    eyelessism Active Member

    if you mean cannabis resin, its usually made in afghanistan, tibet or east asia.to make different strength hash they add different strenghts of weed, for them selves it is much stronger than stuff we will ever c in the west. this is an example but they would mix 5 kilos of high grade weed 20 kilos of medium weed and 75 kilos of poor weed. it is mixed over a fire in a large metal container and pounded with rocks. they add all sorts of stuff from oil rubber fuels and even animal shit to bulk up the product. they keep beating and mixing it until it is a thick liquid like tar, then shape it into whatever press they use. as for price, in the uk 1 oz of weed is about £180 and 1 oz of hash is £50.

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I've never heard such an explanation. True hash is simply the trichs removed from the vegetative matter. It can then be pressed into bricks and heated to form the tarry substance.

    eyelessism Active Member

    if you have some hash , you can wash it back to a more pure consistency quite easily. put the lump of hash into a bowl of slightly warm water, break it up with your fingers until it is like a powder.stir it about and the water will go a dark colour, thats all the shit you dont want. now empty a tea bag and pour the water through the bag catching the hash powder on or in the bag. press the hash in a new empty t bag until it is compact and leave it to dry. it wont be as hard as the hash bricks, its more like a pollen brick which is rare to see but just high quality hash. you dont need to burn the hash then to spread it into a joint, just snap a bit off and crumble it in.
    unshaved pubes

    unshaved pubes New Member

    i LOLed at the animal shit part. but this makes no sense after all that work they sell it for less than normal weed... they could just sell the norma weed for more!

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    English people and their hash lol that shit doesn't happen in north america.

    eyelessism Active Member

    it grows wild out there so they aint paying any electric bills, and the best quality weed is from the first flower, then they reflower the same plant. aparently they do put shit in it. if you imagine a dried out old donkey turd, have u got that picture , its sort of like hash.
    Bud Stankalot

    Bud Stankalot Active Member

    Bubble hash, son.

    eyelessism Active Member

    i am not english, they are a bunch of posh up their own arse cunts. i am welsh. that shit always happens with north americans, to you uk means english. eurhg wrong answer. the uk is england ireland scotland and wales and no one likes the english, not even the english like each other.
    Kaiser Puff

    Kaiser Puff Active Member

    There's high quality afghani hash to be had also. That and grower's stash hash are different animals from the soap bar shit hash that's everywhere in europe.

    biffchicken Active Member

    I made wicked hash with a Blender, French press coffee maker and some disposable coffee filters. Blended all my material together with ice and a little water in the blender. Then poured it all into the French Press Container, then pressed down the French Press's Metal Filter/Screen down and forced all the plant matter down to the bottom of the jar. I poured all the water into a glass and set it in the fridge for 30 mins. Take it out of the fridge and you'll see the resin at the bottom. Slowly pour off the top water, not disturbing the crystals, and then pour the last bit of water through the paper coffee filter. Squeeze the water through and let it sit over night. In the morning you will have ready-to-smoke pure hash. It's really really good too.

    Look up French Press on google if you don't know what I mean. It's a very simple coffee maker.

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    If you're in it for the money, just sell the weed. I make good bubble hash sometimes, and would say that it takes about $100 worth(1/2 oz.) of dried bud, to make a gram of full-melt top-quality bubble hash. So, unless you can get $100+ a gram for your hash, it isn't worth it. I do it for personal use, as a special treat to myself.

    I've only made it a few times, so my numbers aren't perfect, but, I do know that there is no extra money to be made, by converting to hash.(unless it's garbage) Trust me, during hard times, I looked into that. :razz:

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Hash is much simpler to transport across borders than bales of weed.

    In Vietnam, our troops were introduced to Thai Stick. In Afghan, is it Afghani Hash or hash oil? Anybody have a friend or relative that went and can tell us?
    unshaved pubes

    unshaved pubes New Member

    my friends grandpa fought in vietnam but he never wants to talk about it

    scorpio9 Member

    made me laugh, yeah your right bout the english to a certain point :) I done even like myself half the time lol, nah seriously we aint all that bad, not the peeps I know anyway.....................And how would I come off anyway ? born in England, but with welsh ancestors from both parents ?

    have a gr8 day in gorgeous Wales :)

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Isn't Wales owned by the Queen of England? I thought the Welsh paid homage to her to keep from bowing.

    rs444 Member

    eyelessism sorry pal your kind of mistaken, they do not do that lol, having been to Afghanistan and Pakistan and India, ive seen how locals make hash, and its made from mainly leaves by crushing it together, if your talking about commercial drug dealers that sell marijuana and hash etc, they mix the hash with diesel, henna and plastic to bulk it up and shit. but not animal shit lol. And they definetly do not use the bud. Why? when you can sell it for more.

    Dont get me wrong some do make hash from the bud but not many.

    few ways to make hash at home, with your left over leaves:


    or search bubble hash in youtube, will find other method to make it.

    I am going to try it if i have a succesful grow. :D

    eyelessism Active Member

    wow wow wow, lets get this sorted out right now. the welsh pay homage to no fucker. comprenday.

    and as for scorpio9, your actually welsh but dont worry its not a bad thing. i've only once been to england, london in fact for live 8 and after askin about 20 people for directions,not one of them would tell me oreven speak to me. if u ask for directions in wales you will get them, you will probably end up in brecon but thats our sense of humor.

    eyelessism Active Member

    ok, i accept i might be wrong for the current methonds, but if you read mr nice by howard marks you will see he saw exactly what i said earlier. but i suppose back then it was a lot stronger so wouldnt be suprised if we are just getting leaf nowadays.

    scorpio9 Member

    and as for scorpio9, your actually welsh but dont worry its not a bad thing. i've only once been to england, london in fact for live 8 and after askin about 20 people for directions,not one of them would tell me oreven speak to me. if u ask for directions in wales you will get them, you will probably end up in brecon but thats our sense of humor.[/QUOTE]

    Oh I'm not worried at all :D quite proud actually, as for London, never been there myself , doesn't even appeal to me lol, and I always give out directions, or point peeps in the right direction, then tell um to ask again....not been to Wales for ages, must visit again

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