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How do you inhale smoke?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by whulkamania, May 10, 2008.


    whulkamania Well-Known Member


    I am a real big noob to smoking and I do not want to waste Salvia or Weed if I am just holding it in my mouth. So what I want to know is how do you inhale the smoke?


    ls1axle New Member

    I dont know???? How do you fucking breath??? I think you are supposed inhale through your ass hole. I think you are on the wrong forum. We just grow tomatoes here.
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    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    I bring it into my mouth to cool off, just for a second, then inhale into my lungs.

    C'mon, it may seem like a stupid question, but if the guy doesn't know he doesn't know, and it's an innocent enough question. There's no need to bust his chops so hard.

    Anyway, back to you, whulk. What I hate is taking a super-huge hit and then coughing my ass off. Yeah, lots of people say that's the way to do it you get more high so on and so forth. But, ya know what? I don't like coughing my brains out. I want to take my hit (tiny as it may be, but guess what! It makes my weed last longer, too!) and enjoy it. I want to get high, not wrung out. So, I am the queen of the tiny hit (maybe fdd or someone can give me that designation). When I burn bowl or bong I light the very edge of the bowl, then cap it so it doesn't burn off, don't like waste you see. Take my little hit, then come back again in a little while. This is also because I don't like to smoke it to my head, I like to catch a little buzz, not be completely blazed. But.. that's just me, and I'm a little "off" compared to others. ;)

    lexterian Well-Known Member

    We all have to start out somewhere i guess...
    How i did it when i was young is just real quick take a huge breath of air.I meanreal quick!
    I would try with menthol cigs first.Once you are able to smoke a whole cigarrete,then smoke weed.
    I wouldnt do salvia untill you feel comfortable inaling smoke as salvia smoke is very hot and harsh!Even for me(sometimes.)

    rx8man Well-Known Member

    just inhale like you would a breath of fresh air... only you will feel the smoke a little bit in your lungs... as soon as you feel like your lungs are full, hold it in for like 3 seconds and just blow it out. Only way to smoke weed is just to do it, so do it

    Pookiedough Well-Known Member

    Isn't this one of those lessons better learned than taught?Light it up,suck,then take a deep breath like you are about to go swimming and there you go! Just like riding a bicycle just a lot more fun and definitely tastier.:mrgreen:
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Ive been smoking for a couple years, all the time ive just been inhaling into my mouth i guess into my lungs to and i always let it out slow thats just what i like.

    But the other way is to inhale your pull and then once you got it in your mouth, pull it down into your lungs before exhaling.

    My way of doing that is to take a pull and just leave the joint or blunt early and keep sucking in.

    Idk whats better
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Naw, you found a friend haha. I'm kinda like you, when i drink i usually like to just get a really good buzz. But then there those times i like to just get completely tanked. When i smoke weed i usually like to make the blunt or whatever i smoke last. The smoking experience in general interest me. basically it just depends on what i wanna do but im usually like you. Except i dont take so tiny hits, i actually take bigger ones , but i usually dont do the double inhale thing like i mentioned in my other post.

    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    Yeah and after you take a hit (inhale) then inhale some air at the end. Idk why but I think it gets the smoke out of your throat and in to your lungs...yea I'm saving every last bit of smoke :D I do it though...

    btw this site is 18+ and I have a strong gut feeling you're like 9...I mean anyone even like 14 or whatnot just knows how to inhale smoke...at least thats how it went for me. Maybe I was born to be a toker!
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Does anyone even smoke when their nine? Id give him 12 at least, cause at nine i doubt he would find a website like this and sign up for a forum with a false e-mail, to learn how to smoke. If he were nine he would be scarred of the rapist posing to have sex wit him on the site. Idk thats just what id think, a nine year old would just be like whats this and suck in, not even thinking.

    SimpleSimon Well-Known Member

    I remember when i started. I couldn't get high. It was because i was doing the classic, pinch, tight lips, and suck real hard, not getting any smoke at all, and then hold my breath for ten mins..... HAHHA.

    I put a good portion of the joint in my mouth, 1/4 inch. Take a nice short pull into my mouth, take the joint away and inhale a nice smooth breath. I don't hold it in very long either. I find it weird when people hold the smoke in so long that they are going to pass out. I also take several hits, and hold onto the joint for a while, im a bit of a hog. Some people take a quick hit and pass it on. I like to get to know the joint a bit, hold onto in. Make that connection. Then pass it on.

    Good simple question dude!!
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    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    true, okay well still 12 is under 18. Gotta be obvious, like Lil' Wayne said *Deep killer voive* "I ain't dead, I'm alive"....lol lil wayne is fucktarded when it comes to lyrics.

    SimpleSimon Well-Known Member

    my buddy just started smoke last year. NO smoking experience. He's 28.

    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    Did he ask you how to inhale? I mean I thought it was insticnt like people just know how to inhale smoke seeing as how it's just like pulling air through a piece of paper...

    royalewithcheese40 Active Member

    tell you what kid, give me your addreess. ill bring over some mikes hard lemonade and show you how to smoke....

    whulkamania Well-Known Member

    I know how to inhale but I want to do it the correct way so I can get the buzz :P.

    SimpleSimon Well-Known Member

    Buzz is life dude!!! Have you tried smoking at all?

    WeFallToday Well-Known Member

    Its a good question

    I cant even count how many times i thought i was smokeing
    but i wasnt actuallly inhaleing

    like the first 5 times of smokeing..i thought to myself wtf is so great about this?


    smokingbot Well-Known Member


    You inhale smoke like you inhale air bro.. then hold that shit in your lungs for a few seconds.. take a big ass hit too.

    gogrow confused

    that was so eloquently put!+rep! i am often bitched at for "babysitting" the joint/blunt; now i have something to say in return that any real stoner can actually relate to if they think about it. thanks bro:blsmoke:

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