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How do you cure large amounts?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Buzzin like a bumble bee, Sep 18, 2010.

    Buzzin like a bumble bee

    Buzzin like a bumble bee Well-Known Member

    Lets say that you dont have a lot of glass jars to cure. How do you cure large amount? Large Tupperware?

    bobbyhopefeild Active Member

    ceramic pots are probably one the best ways to cure bud, doesn't let any thc degrading light in as well. i use airtight pots that originally had expensive French mustard in them, thats my two cents.

    P. STONIE Active Member

    I have the big ass jars the vlassic pickles come in those look like they can hold 3 zips

    upthearsenal Well-Known Member

    ^ right on, buying jars of food and eating/removing the food is much cheaper than buying nice, empty jars.

    rfmshamrock Member

    It's probably too late for you this time but I collect any glass jar through the year. I've got empty salsa, pickle, spices, jelly, marinara, etc. jars ready to go. I wouldn't use tupperware myself because I think the taste would be off. Wal Mart has a case of 'canning' jars for under $10.

    Another trick for curing I found helpful was to save some 'popcorn' buds and throw one in a jar with the dried, curing bud. Adds a tiny bit of moisture and helps it dry a tad bit slower and more delicious. I suppose you could put anything with moisture and it would work, i.e. lemon or orange slices, rose petals.

    P. STONIE Active Member

    These are the jars I intend on not filling but curing in I suppose this year:leaf:

    A couple nice pickle jars from in the spring. An old raisin jar I got from my gma. A couple nice kerr and ball jars. And I got a case of golden harvest jars also.

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    DankShasta Active Member

    I've had amazing luck buying sealing jars at the goodwill store. There's usually some nice clay sealers at any good will for a couple bucks. The trick is always to have your eye out and buy them when you see them available, not right when you need them.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Mason/kiln jars. They come in all sizes, just put the time in to burp them all :) it's worth it in the end. Always try and avoid plastic unless you can't help it.

    canefan Well-Known Member

    Here's my two cents if you know you are going to have a large amount to cure and want to cure them on longer branches. Make friends at the convience store or tavern that sells the pickles or pickled eggs in the big glass jars. They work wonderfully well for the longer branches and give you enough room to keep the branches spread out so they aren't crowded. One word of advice if you can get these is to check the seals on the lids, often you will need to make a little gasket for the top to keep them airtight again. The best part is that they are free.
    Happy Growing

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    what you cure in doesn't necessarily have to be jars or jar like, sure its optimum, but the way I first learned from ready set grow, they moved the buds from drying screens, into plastic bags to dry then redistribute moisture in the buds. they moved them back and fourth from screen to bag for decreasing amounts of time in both.

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