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How do you become a licensed grower in Illinois?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by Hendrixsrv2735, Mar 17, 2013.


    Hendrixsrv2735 Member

    My old man and I are both stoners. I just moved back to Illinois from Arizona, where my dads college roommate/buddy live. He was in town today and my dad went to pay him a visit. Turns out him and his kid have a grow op set up in Arizona, warehouse with 75 plants. This got me thinking. What would it take to set up something similar in Illinois. I really don't pay to much attention to the laws on the books, but I am pretty sure Illinois recently voted in favor of medical marijuana. What would I have to do to become licensed as a grower. I figure once the venders are built up in the state over the next few years there will be a chance to grab a bit of that market share. I have grown before and would love to be able to support myself through something like this. Any food for thought?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Speaking to a lawyer knowledgeable in such matters and who is licensed in IL would be the one to talk to. I wouldn't plan a seed order based on what most here could offer in true legally correct advice. Keep in mind that cultivation of marijuana is a federal offense and state laws are no protection sadly.

    backyardagain Well-Known Member

    you my friend have a lot of reading to do. it olny passed the house committee so now it is on to the full house then the senate. even after it gets passed it will have one of the most regulated/strict set of rules by something like 22 licensed growers 1 per district and 66 medical shops you can buy from.

    from the most recent thing i read on it was saying it would not even allow patients to grow their own, and if im not mistaken also the caregivers. honestly i hope it does not pass the way it is written.

    backyardagain Well-Known Member

    Claire F.

    Claire F. Member

    It just got approved by the House Human Services Committee but we're still awaiting the decision of the House of Representatives. They haven't set a date to vote on it yet. Until it is approved, and the regulations are released to the public, you won't be able to become a licensed grower in Illinois. Fingers crossed it'll happen this year. We get so many people from Illinois asking when we expect it to be approved and legalized in some respect, but our answer will continue to be "hopefully soon."

    Legal Associate of Greenzipp.com

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Good luck as Ill is not a legal medical state as of now . Maybe one day they will catch up with the neighbors in Michigan . But for now its a no go , just grow like a smart legal one , meaning keep it on the down low and be careful of who you trust in the end .. The more people you work with legal or not the higher yours odds are of becoming fucked one way or another .. Sad to say I am legal but actually miss the old days of growing solo with nobody else knowing .. Now I am on a list for plant counts and that sucks ass in a sense but its got to be this way for my patients sake .

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