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how do u transplant a soil plant to hydro

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by xmegademonx, Nov 22, 2008.


    xmegademonx Well-Known Member

    I tried to transplant my soil plant to hydroponic and killed one of my plants:roll:. This time I want to ask people first before I transplant another one.
    Last time when I transplanted my plant, I just dug up all the roots and rinsed the soil from the root area and put it into my hydro. That ended up killing my plant. How do u transplant it to hydro?:confused:

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    I would not realy advise doing the switching from soil to hydrophonic but i have done it several times my self if your plants have a decent root system on you are more likely to succeed.first your picture looks like your plans are only very young get the smallest of the rockwool cubes get a sharp knife and cut harf way through cube get the 2ince ones cut 1 ince through now take you cube soak it in what ever you have been feeding them on pull out tour seedling be very careful rince off any soil on root system with your feed water put it in so roots are just showing through bottom of cube.Now you can either put in the 4ince cubes whitch i did it helps them stand up better then pt in propagator and leave till roots show through bottom of big cubes dont rush things at this stage mate or you will kill em the seedlings have been through alot of stress don't have light to near at this point give it a week or so abit of advice snip bottom of 4ince cube with a sharp pair of scissors it helps root show faster.But i would advise you to always put seedlings in small cubes even if planting in soil it has never let me down then if you have this problem again all u have to do is rince cube and put in 4ince one.sorry about the book good luck.:leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf:

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    What you describe it the choice you have. I would think a 50% success rate the first and last right? time you do this would be about right. Did you put it in any type of medium, like clay pellets? You may need to top water it for a few days until the roots knit down into the pellets? VV

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    I wouldn't bother. I would just take cuttings and put them into hydro... Moving from soil to hydro will be a pain in the ass.

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    a huge one, i tried to help a friend to do that 6 plants dead in two days, I told him it was a bad idea. im gonna give him some cuttings so he can start over.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Stay in soil, the plant has gotten used to its home, if you move it to some completely different grow its going to die. Leave it in soil. Start new plants in hydro.

    kpw555 Well-Known Member

    I have mothers in soil and take cuttings for the hydro table.

    You will absolutely, kill most of the plants that you attempt this with.

    Swale84 Well-Known Member

    I am a first time grower and decided to move from soil to hydro. I know, bad idea. I followed another member's advice on this board. I dug up my seedlings (they were approx. 14 days old) and carefully swirled them around in a circle in a bowl of lukewarm water. I did this very carefully and took my time. I tried to get all the dirt off that i could. Then i placed them in the net pots with some hydroton, then placed the net pots in my DWC setup. They have survived for 4 days now. Thinking back on it, I would never do this again! I just wanted to go from soil to DWC badly, and since they were only some bagseed I decided what the hell. Rockwool will definately be used next time. I'm a beginner grower, what can you say right?

    xmegademonx Well-Known Member

    the pic is from like 2 months ago lol. well I guess i'll stay in soil. only have 1 soil plant left. ended up killing another one trying to put it into hydro:sad:
    X MagicMushroom

    X MagicMushroom Active Member

    Anyone know anything avout takin small babys plants and pytting them from hydro to soil?

    dopeedogg Well-Known Member

    I just transplanted 8 clones from soil straight into hydroton. 7 survived, it's been 6 days now. Just gently take the plant out of the cup or pot, then gently run it under lightly flowing luke warm water. Cold wAter might shock the plant. Get as much dirt off as you can. Then dig a little hole in the hydroton and genlty place the cutting into the hole. Don't try to force it down. Instead just hold the cutting and pile hydroton around the stem to hold it up. Use 1/4 strength for all nutes for the first week. Always remember to add/mix in " micro" nutrient first to avoid nute lock-up Then gradually increase formula strength each week after. Run pumps/drip rings all the time when the lights are on. When u switch to blooming, u can turn off pumps when the plants are sleeping. This has worked for me.

    Blatrix Active Member

    First time I went to hydro DWC I tried to convert from dirt. Not advisable. Survival rate and stress on plants is very bad.

    If they are still veg state I would advise cloning from them for hydro use. In the long run you'll be more happy.


    whatapothead Well-Known Member

    i transplanted 4 of my plants from soil to hydro. they were all about a month old tho. i put them in a 5 gal bucket... filled it to the top of the soil with water.. let it soak for 20 mins then sit there and swirl and rub gently to get teh dirt off. i then used a hose to help wash away more dirt. i cut 50% of my root mass off so it was easier to clean... 100% success rate. maybe i got lucky but it does waste precious time doing this...

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