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how do u know when ur clones are dead?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by xmegademonx, Dec 5, 2008.


    xmegademonx Well-Known Member

    how do u know when ur clones are dead?
    my clones are looking pretty healthy with fog where the roots are suppose to be at, but I don't know if it's gonna make it cuz it was near hot water for a while. so how long does it take the clones to be announced dead?

    Tomogchi Well-Known Member

    until it looks dead? lol
    a dead give away would be all the leaves fell off, and its shriveling up lol....

    How are you trying to root them? With water?? if so you need to put an air stone in the water..... roots need to breath. The PH may be to high... if it is (check first) you could add vinegar to bring it down. It doesnt take much vinegar, so be careful.
    Is it humid?? it should be. and are you foliar feeding your clones? Considering the new clones dont have roots just yet they really cant fend for themselves. Maybe some seriously diluted maricle grow and water. and i mean seriously diluted. IT would help to feed them to get them going. Maybe you can throw some vitamin b1 at em? I think one brand is superthrive...

    xmegademonx Well-Known Member

    i have a fogger that's giving fog to the clones to their roots and the leaves. is this foilar feeding?

    aknight3 Moderator

    if theres no more green theres no more life left in a plant, thats a good way to tel

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