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how do know im doin aeroponics right?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by smartbadguy, Jun 19, 2008.


    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    i add some seed a few days ago in rock wool in its owed dome, they spouted out a few days later i put them in the net pod and add broken up styrofoam into the net pod. im using 140 gph water pump with two spray mist. also do i need air pump right now??cuz i have no more money until in a few dayz. i never finsh my soil grow yet but i really want to lrean more about hydro so i think i jump a little fast on this one but i cant wait to try it out and see out its goes.
    i cut out rooms for 4 hole cuz i have a weak water pump so i want to play around to see how this things works
    so the roots has not come out of the net pod yet but i hope im doin this right.
    i keep my aero system spary on 24hr a day and my 400hm watt is keep on 18-24 hrs aday

    Temp 27c
    ppm 330
    ph 6.2
    hum 50%
    i think i have about 35 liter right now in the tub
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    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    never mind i fucken kill it just now... damm i scerw up all of them are damage some how and i just spill some dirt in my system

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    im doin to start a grow joural sometime today in the grow joural so if u wanna help me it would be a big thanks.
    well im have to start over snice i spill dirt into the holes and now i have to clean it all out.
    well i want a good start so what can i do to increase my chance?
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    40acres New Member

    let me know if you could use soem help

    bubblerking Well-Known Member

    well for one you need some grow rocks/pebbles

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    why do u need grow rock/pebbles? why cant i used foram

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    well anywayz i doin soil growing for about 45 days and i want to learn hydro but i made my aero system. i came from a long way and still never give up. well add 20 L of tap water and leave the lid open.
    i have planted 4 seeds into rock wool and place everything into the dome

    bubblerking Well-Known Member

    If you need to ask i would advize you to go to the grow faq and read
    Florida Girl

    Florida Girl Well-Known Member

    Try to get your PH down a little. (I keep mine at 5.7) ..... 6.2 is at the high end for hydro.

    av8tor Active Member

    First of all, you shouldn't have the mister's working 24 hrs a day, the roots need some time to dry out. 15 min every 3-4 hrs. Plus the rockwool holds way to much water and you'll get root rot. Try rapid rooters or even lava rocks if you wanna go cheap. Hope that helps.

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    That foam will not hold the root mass well enough to support your plant hydroton rocks are cheap.

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    ok today i got a new stonger water pump,air pump and cray pebbles but i dont have the right tubin so im gonna used gum and froce some fittin in there hope that works. and i got that dorp(for fish tank) to kill Chlorine so dose that mean i dont have to wait 24hrs to let my water sit?

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