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How do I use overdrive?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by sideshow128, Sep 10, 2010.


    sideshow128 Active Member

    Hello fellow smokers,

    I have bought advanced nutrients overdrive for the final stages of my flowering growth and having never used it before my question is -

    Should I carry on using bio-bizz bloom when i add the overdrive or is this the time to stop with the extra nutrients.

    I also have final phase for the last 7 - 10 days!

    Any information gladlay recieved.


    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    I persanaly would never add overdrive to a other manafacutres nutrient sometimes this can have bad effects on the plants,even more so when useing a organic feed like bio bizz.Use your normal flowering nutes but add overdrive for the final 2/3 week before flushing the plants.When use overdrive in the future go withthe advanced full range bud blood then big bud then overdrive the results can be outstanding 9 oz dry easy at a min depending on what lights you are useing but i have had 9 of one plant under 1 600 no problem.There are a lot of haters of advanced but i have tried every feed there is and not one come's close to there range.................tyke...........

    sideshow128 Active Member

    I went down the big bud route but didn't use the bud blood. I have fed the plants bio-bizz aswell but the change over to overdrive is Monday. The plants are very green and healthy and have roughly 4 - 5 weeks left to flower I i will ditch the bio-bizz when I add overdrive. For my next crop do you advise bio-bizz bloom at all if your using bud blood, big bud and overdrive.
    Cheers for the help , let me know what you think.

    blazingtimes Member

    Well, according to the Advanced Nutrients site:

    Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 5 and 6 or the last 2 weeks of your flowering phase.

    I've used it before, and this sounds about right. I just don't use it every time. I think just flushing with water is helpful too. And easier.

    I get what the other guy was saying about adding chemicals during a flush, but with all of the chemicals and nutes a grow can use, having another product to make sure all of the excess chemicals are stripped from the plant and the taste is clean when you smoke it.

    Good luck!!!!!

    sideshow128 Active Member

    Cheers I will post some pics over the next week.

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