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how do i use Mother Of All Bloom and Hydroplex for flowering???

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by jolleyrancherpurps, Dec 14, 2010.


    jolleyrancherpurps Active Member

    ok i bought a bottle of botanicare HYDROPLEX, and some Mother Of All Bloom (moab). Heres where i am confused, someone had told me too only use the (moab)for the first two weeks then use the hydroplex for 3 to 6 weeks and then back too the (moab)for another week or two. Another person told me too use both the (moab) and the hydroplex at the same time for the first two weeks and the last two weeks and just the hydroplex in between. Which way is the right way too feed them???

    rocky10 Member

    I cant find it right now for some reason but there is a whole thread on how to us MOAB on this site. I use it with ff liquid nutes the first 2 weeks once about half way through flower and then with my last dose of nutes before flush. My rec is to be careful with the moab its very strong, Make sure you follow the instructions and you may want to start with half strength to see what your plants can take. Sorry not too much help

    Rusko Active Member

    research it.dnt listen to people ever,read the back of both bottles.i have hydroplex,i used it on like the last 2-3 weeks..perhaps stop one week prior to cuttin her down. ehhh i jst read tht MOAB is real strong soo b carefull,I WOULDNT mix them both together,ther both designd to help bloom soo ovr doin it or adding two similiar things is kinda pointless and risky.HOPE this kinda helpd

    jolleyrancherpurps Active Member

    please somebody with experience with these two nutes any opinions????

    jolleyrancherpurps Active Member


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