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How do I use an Aerogarden to clone?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by SC300drifter, Jan 13, 2011.


    SC300drifter Member

    Hey everyone I have several female plants going in DWC right now that I am trying to clone using my 6 pod aerogarden, I am curious what the best method is?

    1. Should I use a neopreme sleeve and put the clones stem into that with the cut tip submersed into the water?
    2. Should I stick the clones cut end into the supplied aerogarden seedpod/sponge even though its supended several inches above the water?
    3. Should I put the clones stem into a neopreme sleeve and put the clones cut tip suspended above the water?
    4. Is it even possible to get roots on a clone with an Aerogarden?


    Alexoxox Active Member

    only thing about the aerogarden is you have very limited space, you would want to put only clones in the aerogarden and make sure that they dont get above a foot tall cause then those little cfl tubes on the lamp wont suffice any longer, you will need you mother plant in a much larger growing medium and then fromt here you can clone in your aerogarden and take matured plants to a different grow medium, it wont be a good grow if you stick with aerogarden unless you are doing autoflowerer lowrider strain.

    Hope this helps.

    SC300drifter Member

    I forgot to specify I will only be using the aerogarden for "rooting" clones, after roots show up I will be transferring my newly rooted clones into much larger 5 gallon DWC set-up w/ 600watt hps...
    I am asking what method works for cloning using the aerogarden... is it one of my 3 options or the 4th?


    SC300drifter Member

    d Weezy

    d Weezy Member

    Your clones are too big and I always make a humidity dome for mine. Sometimes taking a clear drinking bottle and cutting the top off

    ChubbySoap Well-Known Member

    I would have split one of those grow sponges they come with and stuffed the plant in that...then into the basket it comes with.
    I might even try some of that fancy cloning gel I heard about.

    turn off the lights...cuttings need a dark period after the trauma.
    use only distilled water until you see a decent root mass.

    As d weezy said, humidity tent will be needed as well as twice a day mistings.
    Be patient...roots take weeks to develop on occasion.
    they will droop and in general look sad....how would you look if someone just cut off your feet?
    you may have some die...use these as learning opportunities (it was to wet and rotted, it was to dry, and so on)
    try again. Before you know it you'll be an expert.

    it's totally worth it.

    johnyutah Well-Known Member

    did u make clones?

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