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how do i thicken my stems more water light fan time nuiets etc all replys grateful

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by grimreeferthe1, Mar 12, 2010.


    grimreeferthe1 Member

    i have 3 plants under 300w cfls fed on baby bio and m\grow once a week got 5 low powered pc fans got it at 76.4 c what am i doing wrong
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    Jonus Well-Known Member

    I am assuming that you've either read or watched a vid that says that adding fans will cause thick stems?

    There are three factors in my thinking that result in thick stems.
    1/ The genetics of the plant: If you are growing from seed then you will know toward the end of the flowering cycle whether or not the genetics of your plants are any good and worthwhile continuing by way of clones. If your plants come from spindly clones or from a thin stemmed mother, then there isnt much you can do to 'make' them grow bigger stems without dosing them with plant growth hormones like products with gibberellic acid during veg or products with cycocel in them during flowering.
    2/ Time: If the genetics are sorted, then its a matter of time before plants grow thick stems getting ready to support heavy buds.
    3/ Environment: The environment can help harden stems. Together with 1 & 2, environmental factors like wind, temps, lumens, all can have affect on how tough plants become, but environment alone will not grow thick stems without getting the genetics right and allowing plants to age.

    bobsgreen Active Member

    Id put an osilating fan in there..sorry can't spell

    ginjawarrior Well-Known Member

    make sure light is no more than a couple of inchs away from the plant.
    also dont be scared of going in there and manhandling your plants bending manipulating and teasing the stems all strengthen and thicken it just make sure you dont do it hard enough to snap it and you'll find your plant will beef up quickly

    WillMunny Active Member

    The stem will thicken if the plant senses it needs more stability, so a light regular breeze (enough to move the leaves around a bit) or a good shake a couple times a day will cause it to thicken in response.

    Mcgician Well-Known Member

    Additional calcium is the only method I know of when it comes to nutrients that may help.
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    grimreeferthe1 Member

    thank 4 all yr help guys i do apprecite it

    slk Well-Known Member

    this isn't a soil grow I take it

    grimreeferthe1 Member

    My plants are in compost with 200 w cfl 600w hps 4 budding os fan on most of the time 18 on 6 off on m.grow is this right

    lrg Active Member

    When talking stem thicknes one very important rule comes into play WHY should it thicken
    Unless you have enough fan power to keep your plant pretty much blowed side ways its only gonna help slightly

    So with that said we need to make it think it needs a sturdier stem
    There are two ways to do this the first is to top fim or prune at a realitvly young age

    If your already a month into it and plan to flower soon I would go with lsting or low stress training, this is the art of tying your plant over at about a 90 degree angle this will send hormones to lower nodes increasing the thicknes of the stem along with providin an equal foilage

    Hope this helps check out my stem from the grow in my signature
    Best of luck:cussbongsmilie

    indoorman Member

    Use Quantum Growth Plant nutrient distributed by Douglas Speed and associates out of Ponte Vedra bch. Fl. 100% organic and biodegradeable. It is a living microbe that can create the nutrients needed by plants ten times faster than the plant can itself it also provides any organisms in the soil with their nutrients so there not taking them from the plant. You also can cut back on other pesticides and fungicides using the product because it promotes healthier soil and plant and diesease and fungus rarly attack a healty plant. Try it on one plant you will end up using it on all. It's great with propergating and cloning. Indoorman and microbe user

    Tidalwavedave Active Member

    The stem represents the root mass. So if you want huge stems help the roots.

    cannabluntcies Active Member

    Two things.... light and pruning.

    Light bulbs only make two things..... Light and heat. The more efficient they are the more light to heat ratio is made. Id ditch to florescents in favor of a MH for veg. Light intensity plays a role in how bushy plants are and spectrum is important as well. the more blue (6500K) to indigo spectrums (10,000k) will give squat leafy plants. The more bushy a plant the longer it can be grown in a small space and the thicker the stem will become. topping them will promote slowed vertical growth, multiple main colas, and let the shoots in the undergrowth catch up to the top. Topping always gets me THICK stalks. For yield you want your girlys bushy as poss so when you flower, their stretch is reduced (and split between the now multiple colas) and you can get the bulb(s) closer to the lowest of shoots.

    Hope this post is of value!

    -best wishes

    homegrwn Well-Known Member

    Is this really a great opportunity to spew your advertising all over a thread that is very sought after for questions about thickness of stems. We all know that nutrients place a crucial roll in the development of the root mass which in turn shows in the thickness of the main stalk. It also has alot to do with wind conditioning and cell development. I tend to bend a nub in the base of my main stems about 3 weeks into veg. Thicker stems more stable cola's. Simply advertising for this Quantum Nutrient by Gods speed w/e isn't answering any question and is fucken pissen me off. I have seen 30+ threads with the same copy and past advertising. Personally please use Fox Farm nuts or any other product found on any hydro store website before this junk spam....

    Thank you for the info grim no thread hijacking on my watch god damit!
    The Growery

    The Growery Active Member

    if you want thick stems the absolute fastest way no matter the strain is to low stress train them constantly. in a couple weeks the stem will doubled in size, in a month it will be 4-6x thicker.

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