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how do i ship weed through the mail

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by primeralives, May 20, 2007.

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    cnl491 Well-Known Member

    take it urself..every 2weeks i head to az n drop of sum good buds..i just put it in my back pack..well i ride a crotch rocket to0.

    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    i've seen pounds shipped like this already. Its very simple just vacuum seal it make sure when your doing the sealing and package to use specificly Vinyl gloves. Why? because trics doesn't stick to vinyl also good when harvesting. That way you don't get residue onto the outside of the bags then most important send it off next day mail ups or fedex or dhl preferred.
    Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo Active Member

    Rent A Bloodhound if it hits on to the weed try a different method if its doesent give it a SCOBBY SNACK:)

    SylvanElf Well-Known Member

    Bad idea all around IMHO.

    weedfeen Well-Known Member

    wow i got some 1 sending me weed right now. rofl. cant say who but yeah. he just did this

    1.put in bag (of course)
    2.wraped in plastic wrap maybe 7 times
    3.wraped in tin foil
    4.put in a envolope
    5.put in another envolope

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Well thats definitely not the safest. :peace:

    Mr.Pyrex Well-Known Member

    i know companys over the net send like ounces n shit in a vacum sealed bag then inserted into an object, then put in a yellow postal envople and it gets by fine, never heard more than a qp tho
    durban poison

    durban poison Well-Known Member

    That's fine an all.......I will just mention that I used to work in UK Airport security, and manned and used the x-ray machines. In a case, the package will show up a dense dark green. The companies policy was if you don't know what it is then you notify your supervisor and then the bag can be pulled off the belt and be opened up for inspection. They will open the case and any packages inside it if they don't know what it is. This was in force about 10 years ago.

    Hope this helps....:blsmoke:

    space_weaseal Well-Known Member

    Well its funny all these plp are saying wrap in this and put it in that and say that it works..The thing is "yeah it might of worked that time but its all about the odds"..Those plp beat the odds and got lucky but i assure you all the methods listed in this tread can still get you caught.. Look at it this way: In Blackjack you can do certain things to increase your odds of winning, and you might have a 75-90% sucess rate, but its not guaranteed you will walk out a winner. It just depends how much your willing to risk..
    (take that last card it could be 21 or you could bust) "luck of the drawl"

    I just think, that when we have a hobby like this its best to air on the side of cation but hey i have known plp myself that has received it in the mail with no problem but i would not risk it....Just dont moan and groan when the milk turns sour.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    and with that this thread is closed.

    think about what you post people. this just looks bad to the general public. this is an OPEN forum.

    disclaimer: rollitup.org does not promote, encourage or advise mailing marijuana.
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