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How do I know when to flush my plant?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by davoswavos, Jun 3, 2011.


    davoswavos Active Member

    Hi I'm a first time grower and I'm growing an Il Diavolo auto flowering plant which the package said everything but amount of time to flower. So what I'm wondering is how do I know a week or 2 before it will be ready to harvest so I know when to flush it. It has been flowering for 2 weeks or so and it is 5wks from seed it and another plant under like 10 42 watt cfls. Does anyone have tips to know in advance when to flush also how does it look? is this too stringy for a indica type plant?

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    sativahaze Member

    probably got at least 6 more weeks to go so start flushing in 4-6 weeks. looks good so far. she'll fatten up a lot in the last week.

    tnelsonfla Active Member

    Wow looks nice, I google it ..since I haven't heard of it..I see WorldWide sells it. You may have cut you veg cycle short, but looks good. I use a magnifying glass and take a look at the trichomes. See if they are clear, cloudy or amber. If a majority of them are cloudy then you can harvest or atleast prepare to do so .Some can take a week or so after most are cloudy, all is not lost by waiting. In fact is is usually better.

    Is this too stringy for a Indica type plant? I'd say no, with out knowing the height.. I'd say it looks average and you did a nice job. Hopefully you took notes and will learn for the next grow.

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    See if you can get a pocket microscope; they'll set you back $13 at Walmart or RadioShack. That's the easiest way to tell if your plants are ready to harvest. As for when to flush, it depends on what and how often you feed them. I grow organic and tend to feed lightly, so I don't even bother flushing.

    Oldreefer Well-Known Member

    Ditto on the flushing...also organic and only cut nutes back when close to finish...never saw any improvement with purposely flushing...
    Being an auto, one of the posters said 'cut veg time'....autos don't have a veg time...keep on 24/0 or 20/4 throughout if you wish....the more energy, the larger the yeild...
    Good karma on your auto grow...

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    I cut nutes out the last week or two and only feed sugar daddy. I don't really flush. Mb it's more imp. to flush in a hydro setup?
    Don't forget to leave in the dark the last few days before you chop. It does raise THC production.

    Brimi Well-Known Member

    I flushed for several years until reading more up on the subject. Now i don't flush - i drown the plant's roots for 10 days prior to harvest. This makes really nice and smokable bud almost imediately after drying. I will never flush again - it's not worth it. Do the test yourself. I found out that no matter if i flushed or not, sometimes my weed would still be very hard to smoke - i found out it has something to do with the drying/fermenting process rather than the flushing.
    I'm very sure a lot of people will disagree but here's a pretty good point: When flushing we are trying to get the nutes out of the plant. This makes the fan leaves yellow, but the bud is still green, because the nutes are transported into the bud. So if we really wanted to flush nutes out of the plant we should do it untill the buds start to become yellow - thus free of nutes. (don't do that).
    Anyways.... been growing and smoking for 20 years and did my flushing already. Will never do again. Waste of time and no scientifically proof why it should work.

    davoswavos Active Member

    can you tell me more about this drowning the roots? wouldn't that be the same as flushing? or do you mean your still using nutes?

    thenewlink Member

    Have any pictures?

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