How do I know if I've added too much Cal/MG?

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    What would plants with too much Cal/Mg look like? Would the leaf tips be burnt? Would the sides of the leaves curl downward? A pict would help a lot. Lots of deficiency picts out there. Does it look similar to a deficiency? What are the characteristics of too much Cal and/or Mg?

    I'm using Advanced Nutrients 3-part with RO water. Label says even when using RO water, Cal/Mg not necessary. I've heard otherwise. Please advise.

    If you'd like to see picts of my leaves, please check my other posts.

    Thank you all!

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    That will get you a lot of help.

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    From everything I've read, there's no such thing as too much Cal/Mag. The plant will only take up what it needs. It won't burn the plants like with too much N.

    One prob you might have with too much Cal/Mag, though, is a lack of something else. You've only got ~1000ppm's to play with, and if you put lots of Cal/Mag in, you'll have to short yourself on something else to keep the ppm's right. Also, as with anything, if there's too much of something you might get a salt buildup in your media.

    Tips burned: Too much N?
    Sides of leaves curled down: Too much water? Are you lettiing the roots dry between feedings?

    You don't specify, but are you using Botanicare's "Cal Mag Plus"? Note that has N in it?

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    IME if you over do Ca you get what looks like an Mg deficiency.

    If you over do Mg you get what appears to be a Ca deficiency.

    I use mono Ca and mono Mg. so I can't say for sure about the calmag supplements.


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    I use RO water and had immediate pronounced mag deficiency. Cal-mag cleared it up really quickly. I've never heard anybody ever say that if you use RO, no need for Cal-Mag. I have heard the opposite many, many times.
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