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How Do I Go About Getting A Cannabis License? [CA]

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by MistaUNGA, Dec 27, 2006.


    MistaUNGA Active Member

    OK, I have talked with several members here about MMJ, but I still have a few questions. Mainly, they are just about the process of getting the recommendation.

    First, it has been established that I might be elligible for MMJ because of chronic insomnia and chronic back pain.

    Second, I know that I must visit a physician and get a recommendation for MMJ for these ailments.

    From my meeting with the doctor, what do I do? I've heard others with their licenses talk about bringing their "papers" to the clubs and whatnot, but where does it go after the meeting with the doctor?

    How do I go about getting the state card, as described in SB420?

    Basically, after I meet with the doctor, what all do I have to do in order to "join the club"? :hump:

    Also, for extra verification, is anybody absolutely sure that the MMJ will not disqualify me from teaching in a public institution (high school or community college)? I know that a person's medical history is supposed to be private, but I don't want to take any chances.

    Thank you for your help and concern.


    mogie Well-Known Member


    ViRedd New Member

    Mista ...

    First, there is no licence required in California, nor is it a requirement that you register with your county under SB420. All you need to do is to take your medical history to a cooperative doctor and get a letter of recommendation. Keep the original in a safe place, like in your safe. Make copies ... keep one stapled to the inside door of your growing cabinet and one in your glove compartment. When visiting the clubs, just show them a copy of your letter and your driver's licence. There is no need to discuss your medication of choice with your employer, unless, of course, they drug test. As long as you are following your county's guidelines under SB420, and have your letter, you are good to go. You cannot be touched unless you sell or give to others unless you are a caregiver.

    If you are close to either Ventura or Santa Barbara and need a doctor, PM me.


    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    i would give up my right testicle to live in cali. I have had enough of the rust belt!

    DankyDank Well-Known Member

    While Vi is correct that you don't HAVE to get a an official card in order to be protected, I would still recommend making the drive to Oakland to get one. It just makes things easier. Most clubs accept the card as the only piece of "stand alone" i.d. that you need in order to get in. Also, you are a lot less likely to have a hard time with law enforcement if you have the card; most cops know about the card and how it works, but they aren't real impressed with a note from a doctor, and they will take your weed and arrest you anyway.

    As far as your employer, that area of the law remains to be tested. I have a friend who applied for work with the Dept of Corrections, and self-disclosed that he was a medical pot user. He was automatically disqualified. I don't think it will be long before this aspect of medicinal use is tested in court.

    ViRedd New Member

    I want to see who has the balls to write off their growing supplies against their taxes owed as a medical expense. *lol*


    mogie Well-Known Member

    LOL ... Would like to see that.

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    I file my income tax return with a couple of Schedule C's for my pot businesses. I deduct all expenses related to growing, including power and water. I even deduct my mileage for making deliveries. My growing floor area is deducted as a home office!

    We've come a long way, Babe! :blsmoke:

    mogie Well-Known Member

    What about lighters, rolling papers, bongs, roach clips, stash boxes, baggies, grinders, pipes, stones, vaporizers, (need to itemize those on my taxes) LOL

    whitey111 Well-Known Member

    so basically there is no way that you can just become a grower for the hospitals as a small buisness?

    vapormom Active Member

    In Canada yes you see a doctor and if you qualify he will issue a medical card which entitles you to buy medical marijuana . Now they are going to be supplying vaporizers also to those with a medical certificate.
    How do I know this? Well Health Canada has already spoken to *friends*and are now trying out some vapoizers that meet the requirements for ppl with chronic illnesses. So I suggest to you move to Canada get a medical certificate and maybe even a free vapoizers via health Canada ~_^

    vapormom Active Member

    Hi guys just wanted you to know that right now people with a Medical cerificate can buy a Vapor Cannon for 149.95 canadian .We are trying our best to help out friends in need. Check it out!

    Indica415 Active Member

    go to oakland..

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    why? it smells fuuny there.

    Tidalwavedave Active Member

    Go to 215physicians.html find a doctor near u and call him and talk to him, u gotta have a medical problem like a disease or something like that, then u make a appointment and get ur medical records and bam done

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member

    Its along way to go until we have medical marijuana in Australia. Im moving to Canada :D

    Lacy New Member

    I know these threads are old but I am doing some research.

    If this is all that is required in california then I wanna move:cry:

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    pot dr.'s everywhere.....215physicians.html

    Lacy New Member

    I know you're not here any more BUT I hope that goes well for ya. :lol::lol::hump:(funny)

    Lacy New Member

    Yes I know. I saw that. :mrgreen: I wonder if my hubby would be willing to relocate.:roll:.........................

    Somehow I doubt it.:? But I can dream.:sleep::eyesmoke::wink:

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