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how do i force a plant to bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by brismith420, Jun 3, 2008.


    brismith420 Active Member

    this one seed i started right before winter was like frozen till march then it popped up and it's just really small and it started budding and some one told me to stick it in the dark for it to bud faster is that true?

    if so ill get like an eighth off of it and roll it up:joint::hump:

    Joker52 Well-Known Member

    wow, 12/12 start reading dude, you need to study up

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    for the flowering period to start you gotta move your light cycles to 12/12 meaning 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness and that will force your plant to flower/bud

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    Give it 12 solid hrs of light and 12 solid hours of COMPLETE darkness

    Joker52 Well-Known Member

    oh, and also, don't forget you need 12/12 one 12 is light and one 12 is dark and by 12 i mean 12hrs of time. And you will force it to bud.

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    captain obvious look up there^^^^

    Joker52 Well-Known Member

    i was making a point about everyone's posts.
    I was expressing my emotions through the medium of rhetoric!!!

    brismith420 Active Member

    haha thanks everyone.

    brismith420 Active Member

    maybe you can tell me how i change that thing that says stranger

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    lmao....i didnt know this was a dr phil website

    magicchaos Member

    Question Folks: My 6 plants are 27 inches tall and I have been doing 12/12 with the lights for two weeks but the pistils are barely pushing out the little hairs for the buds and i am worried now. the plant has been growing for 8 months is something wrong? what can I do to get it to bud quick im tired of this endless growing. Any ideas?

    M1ChAeL Active Member

    Try giving them a 36hrs dark period. Meaning YES switch your light off completely for 36hrs then switch it back on to 12/12 you will see a noticable difference in your flowers. Keep fans etc running as you still want good air-flow apart from that follow these directions and you'll be laughing.

    jumpincactus Member

    With such a long veg period the first question pops to my mind is...... is there any chance the plant is rootbound? If it is the case might slow down the flower initiation . But if it is definitely showing as a female and your NOT root bound, I would just leave it alone. Less stress at this time is the best. Check to make sure that after such a long veg your pot size has been adequate for that length of veg........

    Almost forgot are you sure you dont have any light leaks during the lights off cycle??? This can screw up the flowering process and can at times produce some male flowers.
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    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    8 months and it's only 27 inches tall? Yeah, something is wrong. You really SUCK at growing.
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