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how do i dry my habaneros?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by sittinherebored, Aug 14, 2009.


    sittinherebored Well-Known Member

    i have tabasco peppers and habanero peppers that i want to dry and ground up but im not sure how to dry them. anyone do this before?

    kevin Well-Known Member

    i leave mine out in the hot texas sun for a day or 2. have you been harvesting yet? i've got plenty of japs and bells but none of the hot cooking peppers so far.

    Anonononymous Well-Known Member

    I string them up by their stalks and hang them in the airing cupboard for a few days.

    sittinherebored Well-Known Member

    yes ive harvested about 6 so far and they are just starting. theres about a hundred tabasco peppers already though
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    habenero peppers are fuckin lava
    mmm i love makin extra spicy nachos
    i make the chesse for velveeta mixed with about 1/4 cup water
    and 1 tble spoon of milk melt it i the pot
    then get dry habeneros and grate them into the chesse i use about 1 1/12
    mix and serve!!!

    angelsbandit Well-Known Member

    I dry mine over a smoker on the cool side - gives the powered pepper a nice smokey taste.

    You can use a grill to do it also - just soak your wood in water, then throw the wood on the coals.

    sittinherebored Well-Known Member

    im gonna dry them and then grind them into powder to put in hot sauce and save some to chop up to make habenero burgers
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    even betteer
    u can even chop into small cudes
    and throw them in wth the hambuer meat

    sittinherebored Well-Known Member

    thats what im doing. i usually use jalepenos chopped with red onions but now i have the habaneros

    bleubeard Well-Known Member

    Your best bet is probably using food dehydrator. If you dont have one, or would rather the DIY way, try Alton Brown's dehydrator. Its basically just put your fruits between 2 cellulose AC filters (the white ones) and strap them to a box fan. Heres the episode of him using it to make beef jerky, same concept. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5912487412723519389

    Prod1gy132 Well-Known Member

    Whenever I make hot sauce I always take some fresh peppers, cut them up (habaneros are really hot wear gloves) and put them on a pan on the stove and cook them a little bit with some butter, it weakens the hot-ness but brings out a real nice flavour for hot sauce.
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    yea thats the easy way if u got the money

    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    have some cayenne peppers coming into harvest.

    im somewhat in experimental mode.

    i put two on the windowsill in the sun and have just left them.

    another two i sliced open along its length and left on windowsill.

    all picked and harvested at same time and place on same windowsill. its been three days now and the sliced ones have started turning a yellow color and have expelled alot of the water in them.

    chalkie Well-Known Member

    I got about 2 lbs of habaneros in the freezer, when i want some for sauce or saute i just pull um out and cook em up

    Feroce Well-Known Member

    Be sure to grind those dried habaneros outside...getting a snootful of super fine ground habanero pepper is an experience you never, ever, want to repeat.

    Yes, I'm speaking from wretched experience. I decided to grind up a couple of dried habs in an old coffee grinder. When I popped open the top, I got a face full.

    All I can say is that it lasted for about 20 minutes by the clock, but seemed more like around a thousand years or so. With extra pain, thank you very much.

    Now I buy my hab powder pre-ground. One lesson was enough me for me.:fire:

    kevin Well-Known Member

    i was cutting some japanoes peppers for tonights dinner and these things had a hot smell to them, so like a dummy i licked the knife. made me sweat and turned me red.

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