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How do I cure my Marijuana

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by w4rrior, Oct 29, 2006.


    w4rrior Active Member

    I have dried my Marijuana and now would like to know how to cure it I dont know much about how or what to do so any help would be apricated

    ViRedd New Member

    Get some one quart Mason Jars and store the buds in the jars. You said the buds are dry, but are you sure? Sometimes they feel dry to the touch, but a lot of moisture is still inside. In that case, put the buds into the jars and put the jar tops on. Open the jars a couple of times a day to see if more moisture is leaching out of the buds. When they feel just right, keep the jar lids closed. The buds will continue to cure over several months. Keep the jars in a dark, dry place ... like your closet. For long term storage, here's a real cheap and effective vacuum sealer that works great on Mason Jars:


    Hope this info helps you out ...


    PS: The smell from properly cured buds, when opening a vacuum sealed jar is simply amazing.

    arizonared Active Member

    Ok Red, what's the time frame on that? how long dry it in paper bags before moving to jars? How long in jars taking the lids off each day...what is it like when it's "just right"? And once you vacuum pack it, should you check on it? For a first timer there's a lot of anxiety in getting things just right.

    ViRedd New Member

    After hanging the fresh branches for about four days, I move them into small lunch sacks for a couple of days. I fold the top of the lunch sacks, keeping the buds loose inside. I check on them several times a day and gently move the buds around. The paper bags extract more moisture out of the buds. I can tell when they are ready for the jars just by the feel of the buds. Experience is the key here. After moving to the jars, it takes a few days of opening and closing the lids several times a day. The idea is to extract as much moisture out of the buds without drying them completely out. The main thing is to avoid any mold forming on the buds. Like I said, experience is the key.


    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    I had 1 year old cured bud and nothing has ever came close to topping the high and easiness of the smoke.

    reddog352h Active Member

    i know how to cure using quart and half gallon jars but how do i cure several pounds at one time i dont know to get that good smell and taste that this bud is capable of. i have been using jars for the last 4 years but it is just 2 time consuming i need a better option

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Use paint can type containers instead of jars for larger projects . . . you know, the kind you have to open w/a screwdriver type tool and you pound shut.

    BoobyMonster Active Member

    Anything that's airtight will work. Tupperwear will work. It doesn't HAVE to be a mason jar.

    wonderblunder Well-Known Member

    An impulse sealer may work well for you. Using large poly bags you can bag large quantities air tight. You could even put them in boxes and then seal a few boxes in a bag.

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    I use something very similar to a mason jar. Well, actually it is a mason jar, only it has a lid attatched to the top and between the space where bottom of the lid and the top of the jar connect when the top is closed.. there is a thin piece of rubber to completely seal the lid shut. I have several of them.. few of them I have designated to be my bud jars. I have a few now.. well 2 right now have bud in them drying. Ones Silver Haze and the other is Blueberry Skunk.

    These jars also keep all the freshness of the buds.. in the buds like they should be kept. :)


    91teggs Well-Known Member

    Im going to use mason jars from tomato sauce take my parents stash of new jars and lids haha
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    Glass is much better. You can get jars as large as a gallon or even two. They can easily cure a pound by opening it once a day for a month.

    techymall Member

    I think the question is when you open the jars how long do you keep them open before you seal them back up? 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, or how many minutes before sealing them back upl again.

    cnalley87 Member

    I think the whole idea of burping the jars is to just replace the air, right? 15 or 20 seconds sounds sufficient.

    Clementine Active Member

    LMAO my parents also make tomato sauce and have a million jars in the 'cold room'

    lugger37 Member

    The best way I have found to cure in a large batch is to put it all in an air tight rubbermaid container. NOT a storage container as it is not air tight. An airtight container. The difference of a $8.99 container and a $69.99 container. Must be air tight. Then open air tight lid for about 5 min a day rotating buds (still on the stalk) top to bottom, bottom to top, middle out, etc..This takes 5-10 days depending how cured you want it. Longer ofcourse is better but patience is a virtue. This will draw all the remaining moisture and release any remaining C02 held with in the stock and will swell your buds one last time. Peace!

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