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How do i count the nodes on my plants!!! PICS INCLUDED

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Trying2grow, Jan 13, 2012.


    Trying2grow Active Member

    dont wanna seem like an idiot but alot of different things i've read.. explain it in ways im not quite understanding so by taking a look at my plants .. could anyone advise me as to what node im growing at the moment... trying to find the perfect time to top them.. its only my second grow.. so still quite new to it .. any valid advice will be greatly appreciated

    IMAG0220.jpg IMAG0221.jpg IMAG0222.jpg

    Justin00 Active Member

    from the pics i would say 5 nodes.

    the 2 little seeds leaves at the bottom do not count as a node, the first set of a single "weed" leaves are the first node. each set that comes after that on the main stem is another node, i always stop counting with the last set of leaves that are easily distinguishable as separate from the bud (growing tip).

    others may use different methods but i believe the one i posted is probably the most accepted.

    and to clear up any confusion i agree with the next post, the 6th node is currently growing and the 5 has just separated from the bud. im not a big fan of topping tho unless you need clones, i prefer LST but to each his own =) best wishes.

    BBYY Well-Known Member

    your growing out your 6th node. I would Cut that 6th node off, toppign at the 5th node.

    Trying2grow Active Member

    Ok just topped it off thanks guys!

    Trying2grow Active Member

    Nowww when can I top again to make 4 main colas

    Trying2grow Active Member

    Fucked up on one of them think I took off the 6th and 5th ... =(((((((( fucking shakey ass hands... Is that bad?? =(

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    You're fine man. I always cut off two or three nodes when I do the first topping.

    ROBSTERB Well-Known Member

    no its not bad dont worry, will be fine.

    Trying2grow Active Member

    alright well on 2 of the 3 I spread the curled leafs and cut the newest growth in the middle and on 1 I cut top 2... Now about the 2nd topping? And what's the best way to LST in a small area? Don't wanna scrog on this grow don't know enough about it to do it efficiantly

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