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How do I control the white powdery mold ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by FastImpala, Sep 16, 2007.


    FastImpala Well-Known Member

    My legally grown outdoor plants are thriving but are starting to develop the white powdery mold and they need to go another 4 weeks to be done. I notice some droplets of what looks like water inside the plants on just a few places on the leaves which seems to not dry out and then turn to the white powdery mold. I have bought the neem but am hesitant to use it or spray anything on the plant at this point. Also bought another product from the grow shop that does the same thing and states it can be use up to harvest day. If I use these products do I spray them on the buds too since the mold looks like its on small areas of some of the buds too. And how safe are these 2 products to use ? According to the label , you shouldnt inhale it, or get it on your skin or clothes as its hazardous ? So it seems its hazardous to get it on you but you can smoke the bud you sprayed it on ? I have been giving the main branches a shake to try to break up the droplets and can feel some moisture breaking up and flying onto my hands when doing this. Also have been trying to wipe the white powdery mold off with my fingers. We are also supposed to have a possibility of rain later in the week. I suppose this will make matters worse.This is my 2nd year growing and had the same problem last year but didnt recognize what was going on till it was too late and almost the whole plant was covered in the white mold but the plant was done and I quick dried it, but the insides of the buds were semi-rotted but still smoked nicely. I have 3 different types growing in 32 gallon tote bins. Texeda Timewarp-Very dense giant buds-hardly no leaves and turning red on top now-grows excellent even if not all day sunlight. Alaskan Thunderfuck-gigantic buds crystal covered but does need all day sunlight to thrive. And Pot of Gold- giant buds covered in cotton candy.All are approaching 7 feet and were grown from seed. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Bros.

    mogie Well-Known Member


    FastImpala Well-Known Member

    Anyone ? Thanks.

    reeferman77 Active Member

    Neem oil is not harmful to plants or humans.....it just smells and tastes really bad, so don't use it in flower. Don't use your fingers to remove it as this only spreads the spores. Remove any flowers that contain the spores and wipe the leaves with Safers Defender: DON'T SPRAY!!! Use a paintbrush or cloth to wipe off the mold with Safers recommended solution. If possible shake the plants after rains to remove accumulated water from the floral clusters and prey for warm dry weather!!

    reeferman77 Active Member

    Next year use Chitosan (an extract from the shells of crustaceans) on your babies or clones. This product greatly increases a plants immunity to mold, bugs and disease!

    FastImpala Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. Im still holding off from putting anything on them and glad I did. Gonna try to put a temporay roof over them for this rain were supposed to get in the next few days.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    well if you can enclose the plantsfor a few hours you can get a sulphur burner and let it burn and that kills mold.You got any pictures would love to see the ATF plants.

    cream8 Well-Known Member

    a product called serenade you can get it at any hydro shop it can be used up until harvest and its completley organic

    SKandall Member

    sulfar burner when the lights off problem cured!! i had it too the humidty is too high this time of year spours fly in the air land on our clothes we carry it in, sulfar burner with the pellets during the 12/12 off cycle and cured! costs around 189$ at any hydro shop

    vapedg13 New Member

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