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How Do I Clone Marijuana Plants?Tutorial

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by rollitup, May 24, 2006.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Cloning is very easy to do, alot of differant techniques are out there, bubblers, powders, soil to many really to mention. However this method is by far the easiest out there. The only thing you need is water, a little bit of light, and the little piece of plant you want to root. The example shown below is of 3 cuttings that I have already taken and would like to root them. The first one with the two leaves and one single growing tip, we will call this (R). THe next one has four nodes on it, as well as a couple larger leaves, we will call this (O). The third piece is taller and has 7 nodes and a couple more well sized leaves on it, we will call this one (L). S=R O=M L=L

    Along with the regular way of cloning, after you cut you will right away dip the clone in water for about 25 seconds, make sure you tweak it to get rid of any air bubbles that could be around. Now here comes the fun part, normally you would remove it dip it in powder and stick it in a rocwool cube. This time you will be leaving it in water untill the cutting has roots and is strong enough to support itself. Make sure the cup is not clear and cannot see light through it, this way the roots wont be damaged.

    Now we have finished the hard part, the most critical part is the light that these will receive, again many differant oppinions here but this is what works for me and it works 100/100 so why would i change :mrgreen: take the cuttings and sit them on a window sill that is not in direct sunlight. You probbly want to make sure its slightly shady. Just make sure they get 12 on 12 off or approx. The important thing is no direct sunlight or artificial light on them.

    The pix below show the 3 clones in the cups, O and L have about 1" of water in it, if I were to add any more water it would be covering one of the stems. The smallest one out of the three I put in the plastic because the stem was to short to stay in water and still be standing up in the cup. You must do what you have to do to keep at least half of the stem submerged in water.

    See how the glasses will make sure only a little bit of light will see the roots.


    And there you go one of the easiest cloning methods around.

    Rogue Active Member

    Wow. I feel like I'm watching the discovery channel lol. Anyways, it seems like a lot of work for an inexperienced individual, but it does look appealing and it does seem to keep costs down.

    I'll be looking into this. I think a video tutorial would be best. Any chance of that? :D

    stonedsmithy Active Member

    just wondering how long it will take before ya see any roots forming
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    vitriol Active Member

    Very nice dude...
    Well, I have made some clones myself. And it works OK, but now I am confused with further growing. Is it OK to put the clone to 12/12 schedule some 3-4 days after they are transplanted to bigger containers?
    Please help, I put them to 12/12 and now I have heard that it is wrong because the plans will stay small and give a very poor crop. By the way, they are growing just fine.

    MRbudsmoker Well-Known Member

    its ok for doing sea of green. just small compact plants with single cola's. wen rooted. straight onto 12/12
    Mr. Bud

    Mr. Bud Well-Known Member

    I know this topic is old, but how often is the water changed in the cups or is it changed at all?

    And do you mist the leaves at all?

    starchland Well-Known Member

    im confused as to where I should cut for the clones, do I need to have a branch that splits with two leaves or what?

    starchland Well-Known Member

    my other question is can I start a clone and keep it on the window sill and eventually move it to a pot and then keep it around until the spring where I can plant it outside? Basically I want to keep this strain for next grow season is this the best way to do it?

    TatickX Well-Known Member

    How long dies it take to root using this method and can I use the greenhouse idea but insted of using soil can I use the water and cup thing?

    joeblow420 Well-Known Member

    Ok something I dont get, and doesnt make clear... Atl;east not to me

    Do you need to dip roots into gel, or powder first, and also..

    Do the lower tips that have been cut, have contact with water...

    Thx alot of any help on this method..

    I just cut 2, and wasnt sure.. So I dipped them into rooting powder..
    Have then standing up using plastic wrap..

    So do they need to have contact with water at all, or be under the water..


    TatickX Well-Known Member

    well its about day 2 or 3 when I took a cutting of one of my plants from the very bottome because it was starting to grow a nother tree from the bottom (pretty much ding the V) and I took the very low tottom leafs off and ledt about 1'' for roots and I diped it into Rootech and it kinda looks like its getting roots and just he part that you want it to form roots on must be in the water

    TatickX Well-Known Member

    yea if you could get a green house tray and set it up you could have 336 clones in 1 tray batch

    joeblow420 Well-Known Member

    well I dont get putting it in powder, and then sticking it into water.. Wont all the root powder wash off?

    TatickX Well-Known Member

    well in a way yes but don't forget it goes into the water that you have the clipping in

    TatickX Well-Known Member

    Well I tryed doing a clone using rootech and putting the part that I want roots on and it has gotten roots in 3 days using a 10w CFL light with no leafe wilting so rooting a clone in water with rootech works for me so far 1/1 cloned using water, rootech and 10w CFL Cool White light

    joeblow420 Well-Known Member

    LOL no offence but I am hoping for a veteran grower to reply, but I really really appreciate your advice bro ;)

    Best of luck too btw..
    Toss up some pics when you see they are good to go, with roots and all!

    TatickX Well-Known Member

    I took a pic early today

    smokinjs Well-Known Member

    his advice for you is fine. whats wrong with it. are you just a little scared to take advice to someone with less posts than you. lol...know it alls

    TatickX Well-Known Member

    even my friend that has beed growing for years and making clones rooted clones in soil but when I told him what I tryed and how fast they started to root he was surprised and he sayed that if it works don't change what you are doing

    yotone Well-Known Member

    Also, when it says to put the clones on a window shelf with no direct sunlight can it be done with non direct artificial lighting?

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