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how could i make my weed stronger

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by the.erbalist, May 11, 2010.


    the.erbalist Member

    okay, its my first time growing and im waiting for some seeds that have finished germinating :), i know HOW to grow it and everything, i just havent got any experiance haha, but im just wanting to know..... how can i make my weed stronger????? is there anything i can add to it or change when its growing(or grown) to insure a good potency,taste and/or and nice smoke in general that i can use in future plants???

    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    There are lots of product's out there that will help you grow your weed to its full potential. But for the most part and as for making it stronger its down to genetics. Just go for a high THC strain or clone.
    Things to help the process would be.
    Watching your temp's.
    Correct PH/ppm
    Addatives.... such as Cal/Mag/potass/Nitrogen etc etc.
    UMPH power.
    Watching carefully.. i.e Bug's nute lock, heat stress... etc etc...

    Im sure you will have done some research as you say you know HOW to grow. So find the recipy that suits you and your plant's. And stick to it.

    Hope that help'd.


    hookahma Member

    First of all, there is no magic nute that helps plants be amazing. I wish. Well, actually, there wouldn't be any forums on growing if there was one thing that worked.

    But that's not the case. Doesn't stop me from trying to find the perfect nute arrangement too.

    How to make your weed better:

    *Use good nutes. Advanced Nutrients is my fave, but there are others available too.
    *Keep your growing space clean. Dirt=bugs and other pests.
    *Don't overwater or underwater.
    *Research your specific strain to make sure you know what the plant needs.
    *Don't use too many nutes at first. When you use too many, you will overtax your plants and you will cause growing problems.

    And here's another bit of advice you won't find on the boards - DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR. When you ask questions on these boards, read the answers, but you need to think about whether they make sense to you and you need to watch your plant to see how it's growing.

    If it's not growing, stop what you're doing.
    If it's growing well, don't change a thing.


    the.erbalist Member

    thanks for the replies, iv set up a little growing room and taken on board your advice, the only thing im not sure about is the lighting i should use, my friend is using a special light you use when you sprain an ankle for example, i dont have one of those however i do have a bedside lamp that gets very hot and provides alot of light, will this work ????

    sh0paround New Member

    There's a light that grows weed, and cures ankle sprains?.......is that what your saying he has....? cuz get me one !

    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    Ok what im going to say to this is. Your lamp may well get quite hot and also light your room, But as a lamp for growing weed its a no. Your going to want somthing a bit stronger. CFL lighting at least.... Do some research on lighting. Its the only way your going to understand what light your going to need. I personally have 3 x 600w duel spectrum HPS and 4 x 125w red spectrum CFL lights over 24 plant's. so you can see that lighting is one of the most important items that your going to need.....

    Again RESEARCH is the key..

    So knuckle down and do some reading bro, its the only way....


    BuddhaBud Well-Known Member

    how many seeds u got?
    id say get cfl's for ur first grow- during veg growth u need at least 2 cfl's on each plant, about 2-3 inches away so they have to be held in a way theyre easily moveable such as on a shelf or chain. u can get some y-splitter light fixtures for like 2 bucks at home depot or some shit n it straddles the tops of the plants perfectly. during veg u need blue spec lights, that will say either 6400k or 6500k (peak range).
    but, for flower u want red spec lights mainly, with a few blues for a mixed spectrum n better buds. as u can guess ur gonna need ventilation over these lights if ur in a growbox, whats the setup?
    got pics?

    Anjinsan Well-Known Member

    If you think a bedside lamp that gets hot will grow weed...you do not know HOW to grow it. Read/learn first...then ask questions about the material you absorbed.

    tinyTURTLE Well-Known Member

    make the weed do situps and pushups and burpies.
    plus make it swim a half mile a day.

    the.erbalist Member

    OKAY :L, iv done some research on lighting and kinda understand it all now, the more lumens per square foot the better, but seing as im only growng one plant( to start with) and then growing more from there i havent got that lighting, if u could tell me places where i could get my hands on some reasonably good lighting for a cheap price i would be very grateful, aaaaand @buddhabud , i only have about 6 seeds so i have 6 plant pots (just incase they al do germinate well) , i have a loft in my house which is very warm and nobody goes up there so i figured that thee heat would be there but the light is the only problem i have( i can get fertiliser from someone whenever), while it may not be the best bud iv ever had so long as it grows so i have a bit of experiance i can then try aand grow some better seeds and use better equipment but for the time being its just a test to see if i could .


    patlpp New Member


    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    Hi, As i said earlier mate. DO RESEARCH, so many places to buy lighting and equipment on the net...... Im not being a troll, I just can't understand why new people to growing dont have a clue at all. I watched video's on youtube and read up online. ( on my fist search for equipment i found pages and pages of online retailer. )

    Im sorry if you think im having a go mate, Im not wanting to come across sounding like Im a knowitall dick because im not. I am on my first grow. But before i decided to come on to a forum i though it best to do RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!


    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    Ok so, You have 1 plant right... and you need a light for this 1 plant. Go with 2 x 125w CFL lights 1 red 1 blue or both duel spectrum. Or get a 250w HPS..... Search baby search that mofo light out...lol


    the.erbalist Member

    yeah i understand :) , iv done some research and ima wait till the weekend when ill have some monies and bomb it to the garden shop and have a look for some lights, iv done research its just deciding which info to use and stickin to it and dont worry im notin all this down :L , iv watched some videos and know how the plant grows and stuff i just need to do it and as u sed resaerch lots


    BuddhaBud Well-Known Member

    dude your straight everyones gotta start somewhere and personally as a stoner i don't really like research that much so id rather be social sometimes, ya dig? haha
    anyways, yea two cfl's for it to start, and you'll have to get more for flowering. during vegetative growth it should have 18 hours daylight and 6 dark, light leaks arent a problem but u want dark. during flower you want red spec lights (around 2400-2700k) on 12/12 light cycle but u can research that later
    mixed spectrum is good during flower but during veg growth u want blue spec (6400-6500k) cus they provide more leaf and stem growth
    watch out for the wattages when buying cfl's, oftentimes the bigger font wattage is the equivalent (by light output). a 42 watt cfl is somethin like 120 watt equivalent- two of those will be plenty for veg growth, and then one or both can be used during flower
    keep us posted!

    crackerboy Active Member

    try some sweetener during flower. it will help with resin production which will help with potency. I suggest using GH products. they have a sweetener that wont affect your ppm. if you are growing in soil try molasses instead of the GH product. Sweeteners also help with taste and trics. Flushing will also help with taste.

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