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How Cold Can Cannabis Tolerate?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by vince, Oct 2, 2007.


    vince Active Member

    how cold can a mature cannabis handle, i.e., after flowering? I think seedlings can't handle cold under 40F, but not sure either. This is my first year...I am thinking of just leaving them outside cause they are in soil. So how cold for the following strains?

    White Widow, Sour Diesel, Sour Purple Kush, G13, MK Ultra, and Hindu Kush, Southern Cal about 15 min from the beach...
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    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    im in yorkshire england and my plants are ok as long as it dont get under 2deg. but id try to keep em over 60c.if you growing indoors, are you growing inside or out. were you from england?,.

    vince Active Member

    I am growing outdoors, and growing in Southern California. I mean if these plants can grow in the Himalayas, they should be able to handle 40 degress F of less...maybe even close to freezing...anyone know how cold is cold for these plants???

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    i've seen them survive nights in the upper 20s when covered. watering in the evening before it gets down to freezing also helps.


    vince Active Member

    that's it? anyone else know how cold Cannabis can handle? Or does everyone pull their plants out of the ground? Wondering if it is feasible to just let the palnt grow..instead of pulling it out. I doubt we will ever get to 30 around my area all winter. Most likely around the mid 40's and 50's, and maybe even some 60's and 70's. It's just hard to tell in Southern California. But since I've been here, circa 1978, the temps never ever did get to freezing, although we get occasional hail...hurts like hell !!!

    Tbag Active Member

    My plants survived 2 years winters....planted outside, near the rale way, it has quite a bit of bush & tree coverage to keep em kinda warm..And i live in SCOTLAND, I guess u would b just fine ;D

    madcow Well-Known Member

    dude you in so cal you can grow year round.
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    Chrisuperfly Well-Known Member

    Good post I have actually been curious about this myself. I live in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. , winters don't get too bad it snows not much though. My grow room is sort of outside in that the door to it is accessible from the outside and it doesnt have its own heat except for the lights. Wondering if there are any good cold-weather strains .

    DoNkEy1 Well-Known Member

    I'm in socal too. AN outdoor soil grower and your plants should be fine =p i dont think it will get that cold for them down here...although it is getting pretty cold now at night...


    csharper Well-Known Member

    further along this line, does frost actually burst/destroy trichomes or just degrade bud texture/flavor? I guess this could be simplified to "does anyone know the water content of trichomes?"

    curiousgeorge22 Well-Known Member

    This is more complicated than I thought...

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    i got tip burn on the plants i didn't water before a deep freeze... actually, it killed the tops on a few. they wilted and died but new stuff grew back.

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    vince Active Member

    this is an excellent question. I think since I am also importing/exporting tropical fish as a hobby, not a business, I get those styrofoam boxes. Local fish stores just throw them away, or I guess you could asked for them, or make your own. It is just time consuming, but my plant is just to cover them with styrofoam boxes when it gets really cold...

    But it's good to know that Cannabis could tolerate colder winters. Someone said that they could not survive anything below freezing (32F)...but now someone is saying that if you could water on evenings, they should be OK. I'm going to keep track of how cold they can handle, since I am in so cal, 40-50 degree F weather might not be a good test...I'll put one in the freezer...HEHEHEH

    just kidding about the freezer
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    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    It can handle the cold all the way down to right before it dies.Hope I was a help to ya. (-=

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    yeah, on the coldest night it got down to low-twenties (i try to do my seed making for new stuff in spring). just before dark i went to water them and only brought enough to barely water all of them or thoroughly water two. because i wanted to get out of the cold i decided to thoroughly water two and then put the plastic over all of them. it was like a mini-greenhouse.

    next day, the two i watered thoroughly were fine and dandy. the five that i didn't water looked pretty bad; all the tips were burned, the tops died, etc.

    anyway, dude, you're not going to get below freezing so don't even worry about them, at all.


    PHMeter Active Member

    Uuuum what is the point for the extra grow time ? I know sun time lengthens and shortens in cali too even tho i live way north. You can do whatever ya want but its what the plant wants to do there tricumb, speaking a tricumbs when they get clear and r as hard as a dick when my old lady looks like she looks sumtimes...it's time...when r days longer in cali or is it 6am light and 6 pm dark all the time? when is it 5am light and 8 pm dark? 12 to bud and more to grow right,,and anyone can argue this point all they want but when the light cycle becomes 12 hours or less they begin flower stage...i grow in dirt again now but indoors( never seen the point a outdoors unless major)...more controlled light and enviro but never the less, same same...8 - 10 weeks....and we can jump up and down, scream or whisper jesus thats the way it is.....if i was you in that area and all year around I would veg indoors a little while(2 weeks at 5am on and 11 pm off light) then plant em, up productivity and even all year round even in the short light season, this way ya can maxiamize your minimize and have better bud....cause when lucy in the sky with diamands starts to sparkle...its time
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    Pizzzh Well-Known Member

    this cracked me up
    i dunno
    maybe i've smoked too much ha ha lol
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    vince Active Member

    You have the best mind on this board. i likes yer thinkin...i dunno about the wife and the dick thingy, but yeah, i could relate to the rest of the post. ROFL LMAO !!!!

    stickerbushman Active Member

    everyone here is an amateur? i'm not. mid-atlantic. cannabis is fine fine fine down to the upper 20's no problem, no problem whatsoever, it is not going to curl up and die, not a mature plant, with a little frost, i mean it can get totally frosted and still be just fine. but as the temps go down down down, to those upper 20's what happens is the growth stops anyway, and the cold, damp increases chance of frost and it is time to pull them. i will keep one out until the very end!
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    madcow Well-Known Member

    its just below freezing every morning when i put my 3 plants out(from a barn thats not heated)theres still frost on the ground the suns just comin up..but its just below freezing and I'd say the plants love it they get a slight coating of dew that is almost frost.as soon as the suns up shinning on them the suck up the dew and grow all day! :)

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