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how can you get a pound a plant

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by leeroy8ball, May 16, 2008.


    leeroy8ball Active Member

    what kind of set up will i need to get close to a pound a plant

    regrets Well-Known Member

    grow outdoors or get 12 ft ceilings and several 1000w lamps.

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    the good ol sun is your best bet man..........

    or you could do Scrog.........

    either way, to get a LB off a plant, you are going to be growing less plants, your better off doing more plants and getting less off each.
    and BTW, the majority of us are not growing commercially, so we don't care about quantity, only quality.

    and I agree with zeke below me....... very unrealistic unless your growing outdoors or have a warehouse.
    Last edited: May 16, 2008

    zeke907 Well-Known Member

    I would say a warehouse, and lots of lights and ventilation. I think that this is a pretty unrealistic expectation. Maybe if you could grow them outside and get them to grow like 8 feet tall. But who knows, I am no pro or horticultualist. Let me know how is works out.

    bKonz Active Member

    Stop multiposting. It is unneccesary to ask a question more than once in multiple sections.

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    set it and grow it for like 6 months and bud it after for 2-3 months that about a pound for a plabnt

    jrloko Well-Known Member

    id just be happy with a few ozers. of good kush ;) every month hehe. but id only grow for personal use......

    lexterian Well-Known Member

    star off a grow.2-3 plants.once the plants are showing sex,take 3-4 clones.
    Put the female plant(s) out of the initial 2-3 plants into flowering while the 3-4 clones are vegging.
    After a good month give the clones another 2 weeks of vegging.
    The initial female plant(s) are nearing harvest.
    Depending on how good and/or fast the plants are,harvest the initial female plant(s) and clone the clones and then put them into flowering.
    And so on and so on...
    you would have an endless supply of weed every 2 months.
    That would mean smoking 2 medium sized fatty joints each day for a month and a half.
    Then give your lungs a break for a month(drying and curing) and this will bring your tolerance levels back down.
    This is what i do but i don't smoke that much.
    Average yield is about 20-30 grams and believe me.That will be enough for personal use.

    People on this site and me usually like to get better quality then quantity.
    There is nothing better then smoking a fatty of a real potent yield that is 20 grams then smoking a fatty of weak weed that tastes like fertilizer but with a yield of 30 grams...

    the famous shaman quote "it isn't about the destination but about the journey".
    I find that it applies to growing MJ.

    jrloko Well-Known Member


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