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How can I reduce my room humidity?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by HumboldtHunny, Aug 23, 2007.


    HumboldtHunny Well-Known Member

    I finally got a hygrometer and checked the humidity of my grow room. Now I wish I hadn't (lol). It's 82% and rising along with the room temp. (74 deg.) My understanding is during flowering, humidity shouldn't be any higher than 40% and even lower during the last week. My girls are 3 weeks into flowering now, no signs of mold, mildew etc. at this point but the bud growth is thick and I can't see deeply into it. I have 2 rotating fans on the plants going 24/7. The room is 12'x13'x8'. Also I live around 1 1/2 mi. from the ocean, and less than a mile from a river. So the normal outside humidity is high (in fact it is 89% right now). How can I get this down? I don't think one of those little closet dehumidifiers will do the trick. Thanks in advance for the help. HH

    space_weaseal Well-Known Member

    A fan or blower should help with the humidity problems

    HumboldtHunny Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but, sorry I forgot to put in that I have 2 rotating fans going 24/7. Appreciate the input. I'll edit my post. HH

    famous Active Member

    try using a an inline fan or a squirel cage fan, drawing air in from the outside, not air within the room.

    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member

    how are you ventilating the room? if you're just blowing air around inside the grow room, that will not help humidity. you have to take air in from a room other than your grow room and expel it into another room. the faster the air within the grow room is exchanged, the less heat and humidity will have a chance to build up.

    frog3850 Well-Known Member

    yeah what johnny said

    HumboldtHunny Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! The humidity in the room was lower all day than the humidity outside. I do have a window open during the day to help with heat. By 8pm last night (lights off time starts) humidity was down to 76%. Outside humidity was 84%. Right now (6:40am) outside humidity is 95%. I think I need something in the room to soak this up? Anymore ideas?? Thanks again, HH

    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member

    aside from a dehumidifier, you will need to ventilate. if you don't do one or the other, there is a pretty good chance with your humidity being that high that you will suffer from bud rot. which would suck.

    HumboldtHunny Well-Known Member

    TY, TY. Guess I'll have to check into a dehumidifier. As I noted I'm venting into outside air which is actually higher than inside. Right now 75% outside 73% inside. lol what a county! HH

    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    You need to get yourself a dehumidifier. The humidity should be between 40% and 50%.

    robb1 Active Member

    I know an old post...but 95%???? is there water dripping from your walls?

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