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???? How Can I raise soil ph quickly Overfertilized and Want to fix M F^*k up ???????

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by FrogMan, Aug 27, 2010.


    FrogMan Member

    Growing organic recently feed Guano tea full stregth bad idea 1 tblsp / gallon. Anyway plants were happy now cupping down. Remedy someone please need to rais Ssoil PH???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Hey Frogman

    Run 5 times your bucket volume of straight water through the bucket right away - before the roots and plant are damaged. If you don't have a large bucket in your grow room take it to the bathroom, flush in the tub. RO water is best, tap is fine if it's not too bad. Just rinse the ferts out right away.

    After you flush your bucket use ph adjusted staight water to adjust your ph, run 1x your bucket size through should do the job. leave the bucket until it dries.

    Best to do it now before damage is done.





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