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How Can I Increase My Nutreint PPM without Burning My Plants?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Kali Soul, May 16, 2011.

    Kali Soul

    Kali Soul Active Member

    I dont understand i read that to increase my PPM is to add more nutrients. How do i without giving them nute burn??

    LetsRollABlunt Member

    Start with about 1/4 nutrient strength every second or third watering, then increase it slightly each time until you get to about 1/2 strength. I went to to a general hydro store and picked up a cheap nutrients kit, it comes with very specific directions. However, I would start them at a much lower strength as I stated above.
    Kali Soul

    Kali Soul Active Member

    I dont understand , let me give u more info. IM in soil and 2nd week of flowering. I need to get my ppm up to at least 1100 or more. thanks for ur reply

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    why do you need to get your ppm up to 1100? Soil growers follow charts and closely monitor the soil's PH, they don't care about ppms.... raising ppms will burn plants, there is no way around that fact. If you give them more than they can handle, the salt builds up. locks out other nutrients....

    Why do you think you have to raise your ppms to 1100?
    Kali Soul

    Kali Soul Active Member

    Hmm i thought u would have to so ur plants can eat lots of water and nutes but i guess thats in hydro then.So my understanding is ppm isnt important in soil cuz of salt biuld up. in veg i was( feed,water,feed,water) now im in 2nd week of flower i( feed, feed,water) would dat be ok or should i feed , water,feed?

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