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How can I get rid of spidermites?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Barking Mad, Aug 11, 2008.

    Barking Mad

    Barking Mad Well-Known Member

    I have spider mites!
    Well, not me personally but my plants do.
    How can I address this problem, I can't afford to lose this crop
    after all the money and time I have invested in my grow.

    I am adding some pics in the next hour or two

    Edit: Here's the pics

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008

    bonz Well-Known Member

    neem oil. but it needs to be repeated for a while. it wont kill the eggs

    UKcyrus Well-Known Member

    drown them
    Golden Ray

    Golden Ray Well-Known Member

    Use neem oil with a drop of dish soap, but first if your are in veg (light Out Only) Spray Tops only with water and a drop of dish soap, that will allow neem over spray to run off top of leaves. Then spray the shit out of the bottom of leaves and repeat every 3-4 days 3x. Its a bitch but its a must.

    BlessAmerica Well-Known Member

    I have known 2 people to use neem oil and claim the oil clogged the stomata of the plants and kill them. I was looking through an organic farm supply magazine yesterday and saw that they sell preditors that feed exclusivly off of spidermites and their eggs. One preditor "sucks the fluids of 8 spidermites, or 20 eggs a day." I left the mag at my gf mom's house so I can't really be of more help that that. But, I honostly haven't heard too much great stuff about neem oil.

    Good luck! :peace:

    OnSolomonsGrave Well-Known Member

    if you want a predator bug buy some ladybugs, take a spray bottle with cool Ro water spray your garden when the lights turn off and release like 40 ladybugs into your ladys within a week they will be clean as a whistle. These are a permanent fix btw, when your garden is clean they will die, or you can take a few outside and put them in your garden area, they will usually stay if your area has enough bugs for them to survive. Don't be surpirsed when they kill all the mits if they come looking for others things to eat ;)

    weezer Well-Known Member

    lady bugs are the preditors.
    if you are outside stray them with water
    make sure you do underside of leaves what ever you use
    Barking Mad

    Barking Mad Well-Known Member

    Right my mate has got hold of an organic spray for me.
    I'm not sure what it's called but it has Pyrethrum in it which is a natural pesticide.
    One plant, seems to be the source and has it worse than the other plants.
    I took the culprit downstairs (accidently broke her top - I guess it has dealt with the height issues a bit! - snapped off about 7 inches, ouch!!), and sprayed her with a hose, particularly underneath the leaves.
    I had left her to adjust to the outside temps first and it started to rain so I am hoping that might have eased the shock of being hosed.

    So, after a spider mite attack., snapped top,
    hosing down, AND,, still to come, pesticide sprays, there is a good chance the stress will cause her to herm, so I am pondering the idea of pollinating her and just planting her somewhere outside so I can try to get some more seeds. I have already located a couple of guerilla sites too.

    Only downside is I have to wait 20 hours until I get the spray.
    That is why I sprayed Genie (my plant) and quarantined her for the night.

    If anyone knows why I should not go ahead with the spray or has a better/easier solution (I'm a lazy bastard) then please let me hear your suggestions.

    Thanks to anyone and everyone who has taken time out to answer my piteous cries. puff puff.....pass :joint: puff puff....pass out

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    that doesn't look like any spidermite I have ever seen Bmad
    Barking Mad

    Barking Mad Well-Known Member

    I will try to get better pictures tomorrow.
    I can't even see them with my eyes I just knew there had to be something so, I cut off a couple of damaged leaves and photographed them.
    I'm fairly sure that's what it is, I will look for a link to a picture.
    There are a few different ones.

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    the leaf damage looks like spidermites...but the little white thing on the leaf looks like a thrip larvae to me

    OnSolomonsGrave Well-Known Member

    ^^ I concur. Thrips blow.

    unity Well-Known Member

    Looks like thribs, either way, nuke the fuckers! Overwhelming force, and you won't have to make it your new hobby for the next 5 years ;)
    Good luck Barking!

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    That's fuckin funny....well I used to grow pot...my new hobby is killing bugs....ha ha ha ha ha

    jointluver Well-Known Member

    here you go. I have used this for spider mite infestation and it works. Follow directions. It's supposed to work for spider mites too.

    Mite, bugs, powdery mildew.

    1/4 cup Baking Soda
    1/2 cup Apple Cider vinegar
    1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
    2 drops dish detergent
    1/4 Teaspoon Epsom Salts

    Take a cup of very hot water and dissolve the epsom salts, take rest of ingredients and place in a clean 2 liter bottle and let work out. Add epsom solution. Add water to fill to 48ozs(3/4 full).Shake well.

    TO USE: Cover soil/medium with plastic,with lights off mist plant all over,especialy under leaves,
    Wait 20 mins,then spritz off with clean fresh water shaking as much water off plant as you can.
    The fresh water spritz rinse will remove the solution along with the desolved remains of the mites and their eggs.

    Have fun with your new "Mite Eradicator"

    Water plants 1/2 hour before spraying. This will help keep your plants from absorbing the spray.

    This solution has been tested and used as directed will not burn plants,the rinse is very important though as it removes the spent solution before it can concentrate and burn the plant. It also removes most of the dead mites and eggs so you don't end up eating them.

    calicat Well-Known Member

    I always resort to predatory insects. I use ladybugs alot. And if I am not impressed with their performance I will use einstein's oil with cocowet or will use a pyrethin spray.

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