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how can i get a medical marijuana card???

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by fonzirelli, Nov 15, 2008.


    prescribedmeds Active Member


    fureelz Guest

    Erm I was wondering if FarmerBob was on probation and why tmever's 1st post is directed to him....what....is....really....good?

    misshestermoffitt New Member

    Med law is up for vote again in IL. Maybe this time it'll pass. E-mail your representative and urge him or her to vote yes.


    berttumbleweed Active Member

    ALright so i live in washington state...... i want to go get my card... i broke my ankle in 7th grade and i never went to the doctor....now im 21 and my ankle is hurting me constantly it.... i went to the doctor and he found it was broke but since it happened when i was still growing that there is nothing they can do about it now.... it cant be broken back into place with out extensive surgery and even then their no garanutee that it still wont hurt... do i have a legitimate reason for chronic pain from my ankle or am i doomed?

    mustang519 Well-Known Member


    I also live in WA. Just got legal authorization a few weeks ago for intractable pain. Here is what I did.

    = went to family doctor about knee pain.
    = he prescribed pain meds, ordered an x-ray, set up an appointment with orthopedics
    = went to ortho docs 3 times, they tried injections into the knee
    = got copys of medical records
    = mailed records to two different groups in WA (thcf and sentry medical)
    = got preapproved at thcf
    = went to appointment ----- legal

    good luck

    berttumbleweed Active Member

    ya thanks man ima go next week get sum xrays then fax the records over i should be fine.... on the thc f it says u only next ur past 3 visits its that wat u sent over or wat?

    NicoleEBS Member


    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    NicoleEBS, that was kind of you to try to help the OP. The problem is that post is from 2009 so hopefully their legal problems are over. Anyway welcome to RIU.

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