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How can I add Co2 to my closet grow cheaply and safely?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by growtosmoke, Aug 24, 2009.


    growtosmoke Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a cheap and safe way to add CO2 to my grow closet. The demisions are 4Wx2Dx7H. Not sure how much I need or how to do it. I currently have 8 six week old plants.



    northwoodsmoker New Member

    thats the size tent i will be getting for vegging.. the co2 i dont know about just be careful if you will use it.. dont add too much n get ur plants high............lol...............................

    new2diz Member

    ok this is just an idea I have been toying with myself. If your into brewing alcohole try brewing it in or next to your grow room as the gas given off by the brewing process is co2. dunno if its viable just an idea

    bigweeds Active Member

    i use a soda stream cannister its co2 and about 5 bucks its a small quick shot of co2 they need HTH

    growtosmoke Well-Known Member

    Well since I don't brew beer I think i'm SOL so I guess that idea is out. As for the soda stream cannister what exactly is that? where is it available? Also how often and when do you release the CO2?


    cruzer101 Well-Known Member

    You dont want to do it in a small area anyway.
    Problem is the lights get a small area hot so quick you need to exhaust, and there goes the CO2.

    I have tried it. Ya cant get a cycle down with the fan on all the time.

    new2diz Member

    Yeah but even with a small area the are cool tubes and I have seen water cooled tubes. that the the heat from the lights is exhausted out while the room air can stay inside.

    new2diz Member

    I was just looking in the DIY section and found some great sources for diy co2. the most eye catching is a 2 litre bottle with water sugar and yeast. Effective home brew co2. look in there and you might find one that works for you.

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    You could try a bit of dry ice. It may keep your closet cool and it is frozen CO2 so when it thaws it goes straight to gas. No mess.

    ablepipeman Active Member

    just take a 2ltr bottle fill it half way with water put 2 cups of sugar and a pack to a pack and half of yeast. shake it up and you have co2 for up to a week. you can use some aquariom tubing and cut a hole in the lid to fit the tube and put it right up by your plant if you want.

    growtosmoke Well-Known Member

    hummm now I like the idea and simplicity of this however I'm concerned about how pests are going to like this.....seems as it may attract flies....

    BLAZEKID Member


    ablepipeman Active Member

    haven't had a problem attracting flies you could also leave the lid on and have no holes in it and just go in a few times a day and loosen the cap to let the co2 out. the end result of the mixture is alcohol.

    ceilingbeds Active Member

    I was reading and reading and reading...and finally someone said it...This is the BEST way to bring co2 to you're grow room. Because it's frozen it reduces heat which is a numer one problem, its cheaper then most any other co2 applications. gasses naturally drop in elevation so hang it in a bucket at the top of the room...obviously away form the exhaust fan.

    But IMHO you don't need to mess with it, if you have good ventillation fresh air brings in all the co2 you need. and i have heard reports of co2 levels during flowering actually reducing the yield. As someone once said that I dearly trust. It is hand down the LAST thing that will be of benefit to your plant. There are a million other things you could spend your time researching and implementing to improve your garden

    growtosmoke Well-Known Member

    Alright man well thank you you pretty much summed it up all in that. i guess I shouldn't worry about it and I will focus my energy on other things such as nute levels and etc. Thank you for your input.


    ROBINBANKS New Member

    Fire extinguisher pure co2.


    SativaFan Active Member

    isnt 20 psi way too much c02 for a small closet space grow, ive been tellin my buddy that is way too much c02 for a 4x5 closet space...he is using a beer tap c02 regulator and im trying to tell him that he needs a different kind of c02 regulator, can any experienced growers clear this up for us so that i can keep him from killing his plants

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