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How big should my plants be before flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by SuperStoned, Apr 9, 2012.


    SuperStoned Member

    Hey guys my tallest plant is 25inch and my shortest is 22inch, I was wondering if I should start flowering, this is my first grow and I don't want them to grow too tall and over grow my room, they have about 5 feet of grow space. I'm wondering if I should start flowering or not

    majorpayne66 Member

    Flip them bitches !
    Flip the when they are 2/3 rds the size you want to finish with.
    This gives them 1/3 to grow in flower.
    At least 20" tall before flower.

    LemonAssistance Well-Known Member

    yeah some strains just about double in size during flowering

    fxbane Active Member

    ...and some, *cough*Tangerine Dream*cough* triple in goddamn size till it's nearly coming out of the top of your goddamn tent.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Cannabis typically doubles or triples in size during flowering. Sativas can stretch even more.

    Bear in mind that the plant shuld be flowered so as to coincide with the capability of your light. For example there is no point growing a plant 5 feet tall if you're using say a 250w hps etc, the light will only penetrate such a distance and the majority of the plant will not receive enough beneficial light to do anything worthwhile, it just becomes wasted.
    Swisher Sweet

    Swisher Sweet Active Member

    Size or time I think both become important when turning to flower. I have decided I will follow a very strict schedule related to time because I have a space issue (heighth) so I veg for 35 to 40 days to meet my situational restrictions. I generally see about 1/ 3increase in size with my particular strain.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    I grow em wide and flat so I typically get mine to about 2ft wide and then flower.

    Talrox Active Member

    depends on the strain man, what kind of growth you have happening, are you aiming for specific weights or is this just for fun. this is a question where the answer is different for everyone and only comes with time

    peazbury Member

    yea but be careful i switched my northern lights at just over 2.5ft and they ended up over 7ft tall and frankly i didnt see much more yeild than smaller better grown plants have given me
    Swisher Sweet

    Swisher Sweet Active Member

    This happens too but it comes down to learning and knowing your strains. I have a strain that I actually get more when i veg for less time (significantly more).

    djlifeline Well-Known Member

    I had this with my northern lights blue! Very small plant turned into 6fter. But cloned her so lesser learned and great smoke!

    MadeInHell666 Member

    I was in the same boat as you. My plants are around 2 ft and my grow tent is 5 ft, I was waiting on the to be fully sexed or at least show signs. But I had to switch them to 12/12 yesterday. I'm already afraid they are too big for my tent.

    VitaminXxX Active Member

    LST , if u want them to stay shorter then flip the lights & in week 2 tie them down.i use long thin red rubber bands & plastic coated paper clips.i like the bands bcuz they have some give. IMO

    Californicater Active Member

    Funny, the way I learned my lesson also.

    Id start flowering OP. Did you top/fim her?

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