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How best to water indoor soil plants, drainage.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by WeBreedGreatness, Jan 26, 2011.


    WeBreedGreatness Well-Known Member

    I have been wondering for a while how to best water my plants. as of now i have them in modified 2 liter bottles with holes for drainage, sitting in a disposable baking pan to catch the water. to me this seems messy, and incorrect. How do you guys water your indoor soil plants and deal with the drainage?

    Also, how would you handle the drainage of a pot like Hobbes' Air Pruning pots? i want to make some, but scaled down.

    WeBreedGreatness Well-Known Member

    I am also hand watering, if that makes a difference.

    32488ent Member

    a gallon jug with 8 small holes at the top. 32488 Pic_064.jpg 32488 Pic_021.jpg 32488 Pic_052.jpg 32488 Pic_020.jpg 32488 Pic_067.jpg 12182010.jpg [​IMG]
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    WeBreedGreatness Well-Known Member

    thanks, but that really doesn't explain much and the pics aren't very descriptive. plants' lookin alright though, good job!
  5. thats the basic idea. I go with 5 gallon buckets you can get at The Depot or Lowes and drill holes in them for drainage. Plus they are darker in color so the roots wont be affected by the light that come in thru the clear plastic.
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    WeBreedGreatness Well-Known Member

    but what do you do with the water AFTER its left the pot. that is my issues, not soil drainage, but drainage control i guess.

    gNurgles Member

    I've been thinking about this situation for a while now as I water mine in the bathtub but I have a small grow. At most 12 plants at once. It's a lot of work but a labor of love. I was actually thinking of getting a 4x4 hydro tray on a table with a reservior to catch the drainage and put it in the grow room so I can just water in there.
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    WeBreedGreatness Well-Known Member

    Would you then just let the water evap.? or would the stagnant water be harmful? Experienced clarification would help a shit ton!

    xivex Active Member

    You could buy a sump pump and 100 foot hose and a large flat pan or tray big enough to set multiple plant containers and the sump pump in. Hook up the 100 foot hose. Run it from the sump pump in your tray to a nearby sink, bathtub, outdoors, etc. Water away with multiple gallons of water for every plant container in the tray. When the tray fills up some with water, turn on the sump pump. It will pump the water from the tray to your sink or whatever...get a submersible pump with bottom intake that you just set in the tray with your plants to catch the runoff water.

    Ecoplus submersible 1500 elite $110
    Large plastic tray with no holes from home depot or walmart.... Eh, maybe $20?
    100 foot hose $30?
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    Shadooby Member

    Heh heh heh!

    Here's what I do. After my seeds have popped in the jiffy pellets, I put them into 3-gallon pots of soil. I have plastic drip trays under each pot to catch drainage.

    I tip or lift each pot now, to "calibrate" my arm to the weight of the pot when it was dry. Whenever the pot gets that light, going forward, I know it's time to water again.

    I carefully handwater them with a 1-cup measuring cup very slowly. Which is to say, I add two cups tenderly to the soil as evenly as possible, then give it a half hour to soak in. Then I add another cup or two very slowly, and let it soak in for another half hour. Shampoo, rinse, repeat until you just start to get some drainage into the drip trays. Now you know how many cups each pot needs, write that down, and that's how much you will always use.

    You will use that much....just more often...when they get bigger and drink more, but you will always use that much.

    What drains into the tray I just leave, it gets sucked right back up into the soil within a day, and that conserves your nutrients so they aren't getting rinsed down the drain.

    I think establishing the amount of water, and always taking your time to water slowly and thoroughly rather than just dumping in the whole amount is important.

    I will often water from both the top and the bottom. If this batch needs 8 cups every time, I'll put two cups right into the drip tray and let that totally soak up first. Then I'll put two cups in the top, then later two more, then later two more. I usually spend an hour or two watering each time.

    While I'm dilly dallying around waiting for the water to soak in, I clean the place, vaccuum up stray dirt particles, examine everyone real close to see what they are saying to me today, stuff like that.

    I should mention that I use dry organic fertilizers mixed into my soil as my only nutrients, so I'm not feeding when I water my plants, just watering. I think these tips should work for anyone growing in soil, though, it's just that if you are water-feeding with chemicals you just have to flush all your plants periodically, and you would want all that to definitely go down the drain.
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    smokey2117 Member

    Buy pot saucers to go under your pots from any place that has a garden department.. You water, it drains out the bottom and into the saucer. :)
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    WeBreedGreatness Well-Known Member

    Holy shit Shadoboy, that was the best explanation yet! THANK ZEUS FOR YOU, MAN!!

    You helped me realise my problem: lol, i was just feeding each plant 1 cup of water every other day, when they looked like they needed it (they look thirsty hahaha) but not waiting for it to soak in and re-water. Next time i'll do a half cup each, then another half cup later, and possibly another if they'll take it. I've always thought they should be drinking more...

    Good thing today they need a watering today, i get to try it out! I'll post up if there are any differences later, and bud shots :P

    Thanks again buds!!

    gNurgles Member

    I would just drag it to the bathtub or outside and dump it. I wouldnt want stagnant water sitting around for too long.

    weedsLV Active Member

    How many plants? if u have more then a few it's gonna get old quick playing with the saucers the way I do it is 16 plants 1 4x4 flood table propped up off the floor with bricks have one side of tray slightly lifted other side drill hole place 5 gal bucket under whole . I use 10 gal of water for the 16 plants watering untill runoff the runoff makes it's way to the whole in tray drips into bucket a couple hours later I have a Hal to 3/4 a bucket full of runoff and the dripping has stopped walk to toilet with bucket and dump.... Easy enough. Or u can use a kiddy pool or anything similar that u can imagine. The trays r expensive and I no there a rip off price wise but there's no beating em drainage wise. Hope this helps

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