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House & garden nutes

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by headbandrocker, Mar 15, 2009.


    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    Anyone use the house and garden line?
    I just got ahold of the soil a&b,anyone use that?
    I have heard great things about the aquaflakes aswell.Any feedback will do,cheers

    mj320002 Well-Known Member

    I do. They work great. They definitely work well in veg. I would recommend getting the additives for sure. I've never had any root issues. You can get really big root systems with lots of fluffy white hairs. The multi enzyme also creates a noticeable difference when you add it. As far as flowering I pulled my plants way to early but they tasted sweeter than any bud I've ever bought and had a lot more christals then a lot of stuff I see on here.

    I've heard from other people that apparently you might not get as high of a yield when flowering with these nutes but the quality is the best. I should be putting some og kush plants into flower in a few weeks so after that I'll be able to say with certainty how the finished product is.

    I'm using hydro A&B by the way. Definitely go to there website and check out the nutrient calculator.


    guitarabuser Guest

    I use Aquaflakes and the full line of supplements. My last yield was great. Excellent products.
    green as grass

    green as grass Active Member

    i use H&G SOIL A&B so far so good

    BUDDZY Well-Known Member

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