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Hookah and weed?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Polluted_Chronic, Apr 2, 2007.


    Polluted_Chronic Active Member

    I was just wondering if it is possible to smoke weed with a hookah? How would you do it just put weed in the clay bowl and proceed to set up as a regular hookah? :leaf:??

    Wake'N'Bake Active Member

    I have done it, its actually pretty easy. if you know how to make a hookah with shisha. you can go load the bowl with shisha/herb and its really amazing!!

    rickhighly420 Well-Known Member

    OMG you guys havn't smoked out of a hookah? it's just as popular as smoking out of a bong around here... but I think it gets you more ripped than a bong, but doesn't cary the great taste as in smoking out of a bong...

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    How long have you smoked weed? Hmm i wonder if you can smoke weed out of a smoking device? when they make Half of them for weed and the other half for hashsheesh

    Gee i dont know :P

    O yeah if your smoking out of one Buy a Glass Hookah!!!!!!!!

    I;ve noticed that the Metal hookah's give of a metal taste when smoking it Flavours your weed with a crappy taste...

    My friends own a Metal and Glass hookah and bar none the Glass hookah kicks the shit out of the metal one.

    preoQpydDlusion Well-Known Member

    glass is always the way to go. pipes, bongs, hookas, anything. smooth(est?) smoke, easy to clean, and usually the last to get fucked up, assuming u dont have the tendency to knock stuff over.

    rickhighly420 Well-Known Member

    definatly agree, metal just gives it an unatural taste.... mmmm... bud tastes soooo gooooddd!!!!!

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    yeah i love it.

    put the weed in first then the shisha then the tinfoil and then the coal on top thats how i do
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    HighPhi Well-Known Member

    hash is better through a hookar than weed i feel
    but yes yes its awsome cause its weed.

    Tre_Jay Active Member

    It burns WAY fast in the Hookah though.

    I think a good combination would be some sheesh mixed in with weed. Have yet to try that.

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    thats how i doit i put the weed on the bottom and shisha ontop burns great!

    danecooksays Active Member

    i dunno how you guys roll but this is how we do:

    pack a bowl of regular tobacco and get the right amount. then, get however much bud you want (i have done ~0.4 grams and even a full gram) and just mix it like you're mixing a salad. then re-pack the bowl with the weed-sheesha, foil it, light your coals and enjoy. it's def. a different kind of high than a bong or bubbler. but that shit get's you toasted. it's much better if you're only trying to get 2 - 3 people high and have 45 mins - an hour to kill.
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    Sedition Well-Known Member

    I've tried shisha whilst over in South Africa and hookah smoking was the illest! I would imagine that its just as easy to do weed through it, and it'd be mad as hell! Hit that shit up!
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    bladesblazin Member

    I am gonna have to try this, I have a hookah and have never tried herb with it.

    ruderalis88 Well-Known Member

    it's ace man definitely load that clay fucker up! i like to use the apple flavour sheesh tobacco and mix it in with a bunch of the weed then pack it, foil, clay. soooo nice. i always find it gets you dead sneakily baked and then you suddenly realise you're fucked haha

    Puffbig Member

    Its rad!! Mix the weed and tobacco & smoke it how you usually would! Share with a friend or 2....smoking it for 45 mins alone takes the mind to strange places :p

    Smokey1115 Member

    instead of using shisha i prefer to use the herbal hukkah. the Soex brand. (I think thats how it spelled) it has no tobacco or anything. its just flavored molasses.

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