honey for cloning???

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    bigdaddy86 Active Member

    read this:

    Some people have found that using honey makes an effective rooting hormone as well.

    on this link:

    anyone ever tried this before or think it would work?


    hgkdehs Active Member

    i have always read that giving them plain water makes them grow roots "in search" of water and nutes. Ive never tried hormones, mainly cuz i never had the need. If they grow roots with just water, why pay for something to make them do the same thing? Im not saying that its bad or that it wont work, but unless there is some added benefit, why do it?

    bigdaddy86 Active Member

    well from what i have read that with a cloning jell you increase your yields like with dip and gro

    bigdaddy86 Active Member

    well nobody has heard of this?

    greenpeace31 Well-Known Member

    doing clones now i will give it a shot with a few and see what gos i always just cut and plant never needed anything!!
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    bigdaddy86 Active Member

    do you use rockwool

    cowell Well-Known Member

    i remember studying that the Egyptians used honey as an antiseptic and many other uses..
    i think it would work. it protects the area that you cut from drying it out.. same consistency as rooting hormone, loaded with simple sugars for a plant developing roots may use (i say may, as i really don't know the micro biotic activities of the rooting process, and don't have the energy to research it right now) so it seems very plausible. I am taking clones on wed.. or thurs..next week.. i'll take some and use honey and see.. if you are interested. i grow in hydro, rockwool cubes can be easily peeled apart to examine the roots to check on development too. i have no problem ripping a clone out of a block and see how the roots are coming, and stick them back in the cube.. and still never lost a plant. they are pretty versatile plants.

    edit: never mind.. you already have someone helping on this taking clones sooner.. i'll subscribe, i'm interested.

    i know just water works.. but i like the added "peace of mind" by using something.
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    bigdaddy86 Active Member

    well im taking clones on saturday and i am going to try it there a link in my first post where i found this but it doesn't say much. i just know it is cheaper then a lot of gels and i already have honey here.:-P
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    cowell Well-Known Member

    ya i read that.. if it's out there, chances are someone tried it.. it may be one of those things that someone's grandma used to do to her tomato plants and someone remembered it (obviously on a gardening site as opposed to a marijuana site) and it seems to work, so they are spreading the word.. i'd be inclined to bet it will..rep+ for bringing it up... i've already sub'ed - so i'll check back for results for sure and if you get good results, may giver a go myself..(if you're giving it a shot anyway, may as well use the gel i have.)

    hgkdehs Active Member

    my only question here is this. if the point of cloning is to get a cutting to grow roots, and it works just fine using water, then why BUY something to do the exact same thing?? im confused here. is there some advantage? i get near 100% sucess using just water. i think all those rooting hormones and all that is just a waste of money. its somebody trying to sell u something u dont need. just like with nutrients. SURE you CAN pay $500 for all those extra suppliments and all, but are you really going to see a difference? i doubt it
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    i have herd of the use of honey

    but it contain no rooting hormones at all
    what it does is help protect the actual cut area like a band-ad from bactera and help keep air out of the stem
    please keep in mind you dont need root hormones to clone. cloning could be as simple as cut a branch and placing it in dirt or a cup of water untill roots develope,, the hormones just incresses the chance of it deveopling roots

    hgkdehs Active Member

    i guess what u r saying is that it will basically help people who do it improperly in the first place. like a safety net. but if done properly with the correct enviroment(ie - correct humidity levels, temp, lighting ect.), you wont have a need for these products. like i have said, never used em, but i get way better sucess rates than buddies who do use them. so i just see no need to buy something when i can get by fine without it. i dont like spending money on things i dont have to. its the main reason i grow my own stuff.
  13. It is for wound closure to prevent air embolism, which means air bubbles block the water channels, inhibiting but not preventing growth.

    GrowingBig420 Member

    Hey Hgkdehs or whatever it is, what are you using to keep from getting air embolisms like Bubbleponic Chronic is talking about? Im interested in not having to buy these hormones as well.

    hgkdehs Active Member

    i dont do anything to prevent it. i think its more fairy tales from people trying to sell you things you dont need. Companies are quite adept at making you think u need stuff u dont. But thats my opinion, but i get near 100% cloning sucess to back it up. even if it does work, im not buying something that will only get me 1 more clone out of 100 or 200. not worth it at all

    bigdaddy86 Active Member

    thanks for everything so has anyone tried it yet

    bigdaddy86 Active Member

    so has any one tried this yet

    dkgremlin Member

    hey everyone, some what of a newbie, got about 4 grows under my belt, but I love to experiment so when I ran across this concept I had to try it. Took the time to try cloning many different ways to see which way works best for me. As for the clones they were taken from two different plants and all were under placed under a regular floresent shoplight 24/7 with one reg. bulb and one plant grow bulb. Some were cut from the plant and put right into soil, while others were dipped in honey then placed in soil. Also some I made a 1/2 in cut up the end of the stem to see what would happen. I also have a set that was not placed in a humid environment, I just kept spraying them down. I just did this about a week ago so I will get back to all of you on how stuff works out.

    BuddhaBud Active Member

    how would using honey, a cheap household item that almost everyone has in their fridge, be a company scam!?!?

    honey is great for cloning, and i havent used it on cannabis (i am in about a week though) but i'm cloning another plant with honey right now, and have seen results of other people clone weed successfully with it
    dark, organic honey is better

    Magnificient Active Member

    From what I read, the clones are dipped in honey and then put directly into a cup of moist potting soil. They're said to root faster than a cloner will root. Dunno???

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