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Honey Coated Joint?!

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by TheDankMann, Oct 28, 2010.


    JQuick Active Member

    ive done it many times with a blunt. awesome

    Aspiringpothead37 Member

    Yeah I always use a butter knife to spread a thin stripe down the paper several times it helps to heat up the knife I was also wondering if I could use roaches to make oil from soaking resin coated items in isopropyl alcohol then filtering and reducing that's how I make it. But for sure I almost always use oil for joints/blunts I mostly use bong though but a little oil bead in the middle of a bowl is good stuff to
    Jmayne Chronic

    Jmayne Chronic Well-Known Member

    okay this is for everyone, i personally have smoked 8 or 9 joints lined with honey, just a very little dipped with my finger and evenly spread across the joint and i have four things to say about it 1. it gives it a very pleasant aftertaste as you exhale, not really harsh at all as long as you didnt use a shit ton. 2. it completly takes away the possibility of running, canoeing,lining whatever you call it. 3. as a fact it does burn a lot slower, we had two j's same size,same paper, same bud, passed around four people, the reg j went around 5 times between us, the honey 8 so there is somthing to this. 4. this is directly to you motor boater: talking about carcinogins, dude if you havent realized i believe about 80% of pot smokers smoke cigs as well so i dont think they care about that.
    insane 559 jc

    insane 559 jc Well-Known Member

    Honey Blunts Used To Be So Pimpish, Man You Could Pass Those Things Forever. Honey Oil IS Pimpish We Put That Sh#@ On Everything
    jack anderson

    jack anderson Member

    Really no idea about this............. will try it.... :hump:

    highguy23 Member

    Did it once back in the day, fat blunt with a bit of honey, was so live

    BAMF Active Member

    How about mixing some shake with honey...till it makes it think and herby and roll with that?

    IXOYE Active Member

    honey is great when you need a little more "glue" on your older or glue-free papers.

    Blazeambrose Member

    If you roll the joint in honey, put some keefe down on the table and roll the honey in the keefe too!

    Weedydabby New Member

    I do it all the time. It is REALLY FUCKING EASY. And it burns smoooooothly.

    One tip: Glaze your joint with honey a lil bit and then put grinded weed on it. Would be SMASHINGGGGGG

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