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Homemade nutes?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by GSTATUS, Sep 18, 2007.


    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    Looking to give my plants some fuel and have no nutes.
    Heard that honey or pure maple syrup is good fuel for the plants......would it be ok if i fed them watered down servings?


    GSTATUS Well-Known Member


    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    Need a response.....

    DerKiffer Active Member

    Don't use maple syrup. It will attract ants and other small critters seeking sugary substances.

    An old grandmother's trick is to feed your plants tea.

    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    Doesn't molasses have sugar in it?

    Smoke2Live420 New Member

    yes..use molasses!!! 3 or 4 tbspoons per gallon

    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    I dont have any......i would use is if i did.
    Any other suggestions...

    420knowledge! Active Member

    SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!! If you have a cofee grinder grind granulated sugar. Brown Surgar is the best it almost pure less processed.(DO NOT USE POWDERED SUGAR) "you might not like the outcome" If not no biggie it just disolves faster. 1-3 tablespoons a gal. well disolved W/O other nutes The Harder the ground the less it stay present in the soil longer.

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    ScarletteSky Well-Known Member

    I think I missed something...

    Just what type of "nutes" does brown sugar provide?

    antipythium Well-Known Member

    Although it's a hassle to prepare unless you live in barbeque country, some FINE nutes are made with fruit and vegetable rind ashes. Cantaloupe rind, banana peel, and corn cob ashes have absolutely great quantities of potassium and phosphorus, which are the two more difficult to find nutrients in free ferts. I used to have the chart of which has what, but i lost it and seeing this just posted without trying to look it up; if you're serious, you'll be able to figure out how to get the chart off the net... but i grew a fantastic crop of weed using almost nothing but fruit & vegetable ashes. One good thing about the ashes of various rinds, is they also have a good spread of lesser micronutrients. The plants i grew with ashes never had deficiencies, and if i had to do it again i'd absolutely have no fear whatever there was going to be a problem. I did use a TDS meter and i had to acidify the water but it's absolutely a much overlooked source of fantastic nutrition.

    One thing i found very telling was that for most of the crop i was able to feed the plants on nothing but burnt apple and banana peels: something the charts say are short of some nutrition: but the plants grew like amazons and were absolutely covered in trichs, and potent as anything i've grown in those strains.

    I'm not a bbq kind of guy so preparing mine was done on a heavy metal mesh screen on the inside gas stove, with the evacuation fan on. I did it at night and still at times the house filled with smoke and that made it a hassle but if you have a bbq pit and can ash them like that, it'd be totally fine, and i'd do it again in a flash. One cool thing about doing it that way is that a lot of us pot heads don't exactly eat all our fruits and veggies; eating the apples and bananas, ( i threw the fruits into the blender and made smoothies) as well as the cantaloupe and corn-on-the-cob did enhance my diet during those months i did it.

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