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Homemade light mover ideas?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Sommersby, Feb 1, 2011.


    Plebscrubber Active Member

    I dont think a light mover is what you need for your situation, I think you need to focus on cooling with upgrading your ventilation setup

    I dont think you have the level of engineering skill to build your own light mover from scrap parts... its not an easy task

    Personally I just move the lights manually, I just slide my 400 HPS forward or back along the rails that support it, it takes 10 seconds

    its not as effective as constant movement because it dosnt reduce the heat, but it still boosts yeild because more of the canopy is getting light from different angles

    shmoop Active Member

    Maybe get an old vcr and try to use the motor from that somehow?

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    I see shmoop has resurrected this thread from the dead. But it's still a valid idea/question - so here goes:

    LEAVE THE LIGHTS ALONE - MOVE THE PLANTS! Build yourself a large, heavy-duty, "Lazy-Susan" (you can get a ball-bearing swivel base at Home Depot for about $7., or strip one from an old swivel chair or bar stool). The actual "Turntable" part of the Lazy Susan needs to be strong enough to support all the wieght of the plants, containers and "Wet Soil". Turn the Lazy Susan with a B-B-Q Rotisserie Motor hooked up to a "Rubber Drivewheel" that turns, at right angles, against the bottom of the Lazy Susan (to form a sort of "Rim Drive"). The size of the Rubber Drivewheel (and where you place it along the turntable radius), will determine the overall RPM of the Lazy Susan.

    ginnzy Active Member

    a buddy wants to build his own mover as well... we are looking for a cheap used bbq rotisserie motor as suggested earlier. he has a bed approx 48" x 48", and a 1000w with a batwing refector, he doesnt want the light to move allot, just about 6", in a circular motion, this will enhance the light exposure, by changing the angle of emitted light constantly. I believe it would work well for him. Now all we need is to find the bbq thing.

    Mazer Active Member

    here is the genius you mentionned.

    simply great imho

    Mazer Active Member

    Ok, I moved on from the oscillating fan. I am thinking of a system based on a threaded rod and a motor. I need a stepper motor as I do not want the light to move back and forth too quickly. I am struggling with the motor controller. anyone arduino savy in here? this is very low cost and sturdy (around 3$ so far). I still got to couple the rod with the motor ( another 10$) and find out what the controller is going to be. So once finished this device will be one of the cheapest light movers on planet earth. Help me Please....
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