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Homemade fertilizers

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by muybiensur, Jul 22, 2008.


    muybiensur Active Member

    (I found this on the web, some basic home made fertilizers made of things most people can find at home. Have people tried these methods? Do they work with cannabis plants? I'm using store nutrients right now, but I hear they can be pretty harsh so I'm hoping I can find an easy home made alternative.

    thnx- enjoy and good luck!)

    Learn how to make your own fertilizer, and keep your garden green without spending a lot of green. Here are several great homemade fertilizer recipes to try:

    Epsom Salt Fertilizer

    Use in Place Of:
    Houseplant food
    Vegetable fertilizer
    Rose plant food
    What You Need:

    • 1 Tablespoon Epsom Salt
    • 1 gallon waterA
    • watering can
    1. Combine the Epsom salt and water.
    2. Use the solution to water your plants.
    3. Repeat once a month.
    Why This Works:
    Epsom salt is made up of magnesium and sulfate – both vital plant nutrients. Some magnesium-loving plants to try it on: houseplants, roses, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes.

    Coffee Ground Fertilizer

    Use in Place Of:
    Rose plant food
    What You Need:

    • Used coffee groundsA
    • cookie SheetNewspaper
    1. Line a cookie sheet with newspaper.
    2. Then, spread your used coffee grounds out on the sheet, and allow them to dry completely.
    3. Sprinkle the grounds around the base of your acid-loving plants. Azaleas, roses, rhododendrons and blueberries are just some of the plants that will benefit from this treatment.
    Note: Be careful not to over do it with the grounds. Even acid-loving plants can get too much acid.
    Why This Works:
    Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium – all important plant nutrients. They are also acidic, and help to maintain the acidity of the soil.

    Egg Shell Fertilizer

    Use in Place Of:
    What You Need:

    • Egg ShellsA
    • blender
    What You Do:
    1. Save your eggs shells, and allow them to air dry.
    2. Then, place the dried shells in the blender, and pulse until they are powdery-fine.
    3. Sprinkle in your garden.
    Why This Works:
    Eggs shells are made up almost entirely of calcium carbonate – the main ingredient in agricultural lime.

    Vinegar Fertilizer

    Use in Place Of:
    Houseplant fertilizer
    Rose plant food
    What You Need:

    • 1 Tablespoon white vinegar
    • 1 gallon waterA
    • watering can
    What You Do:
    1. Combine the white vinegar and water.
    2. Use the solution to water your plants.
    3. Repeat every three months.
    Why This Works:
    The acetic acid in vinegar works to increase the acidity of the soil – just the thing for acid-loving plants.
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    crooked Well-Known Member


    Nubiansmoker Member

    I am going to try this today. I just finished looking at this same posting somewhere else.

    I like that it is natural and can maybe help my plant a bit.

    I will keep my eye out for any changes and will post em here.


    vh13 Well-Known Member

    You forgot urine. I've been using urine on veggies (indoor and outdoor) for years, done many side by side grows with and without and plants love it.


    Use in Place Of:
    High nitrogen plant food.

    What You Need:

    • less then 1 cup of urine
    • 1 gallon waterA
    • watering can
    1. Combine the urine and water.
    2. Use the solution to water your plants every third watering or less often.
    3. Dispose of any unused urine solution, do not save it.

    Why This Works:
    Urine is often used in commercial fertilizers (read the label, it's there) as a source of nitrogen. Raw urine also has lots of other trace nutrients as well.

    shylas Active Member

    URINE HUH? Mine, yours, the dogs?>

    jr22hockey Well-Known Member

    I use human poop

    vh13 Well-Known Member

    Commercial fertilizers typically use livestock urea. I have a very healthy diet and I use my own urine. If you can collect urine from your dog, more power to ya.

    I don't play with human poop, too paranoid of encouraging fecal born parasites (the kind that effect people not plants) to flourish in the garden. Fresh urine is sterile.

    jr22hockey Well-Known Member

    yeah lmao. i was jk. I've never heard of anyone using human poop. It would probaby just kill your plants

    Inkslinger118 Well-Known Member

    Great thread!!!

    WHLS4U3064 Active Member

    First off, i grow in soil mixed( FOX FARM OCEAN FOREST & LIGHT WORRIOR, 60/30
    Can you tell me if its ok to use epsom salt with nutes when i feed.I had a mag. def. and started using epsom salt to correct it.I was told that if my tap water ppm was above 200-250, it was too hard and to add epsom salt.My tap water is more like 400, and then when i add my nutes the ppm jumps above 2000.I dont understand, i thought ppm sould stay around 1300-1500 ppm during flowering.Can you please tell me how i should go about fixing this problem befor i stunt my growth anymore.I have about 4 weeks left in flower.
    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    try old tea bags, just mix em with water for 24 hours, its good for nitrogen, keeps plants green

    Beansly RIU Bulldog

    I don't mean to be a Negative Nancy but I don't think this is very accurate and if you fertilized your plant based on these recipes, you'll probably get nutrient deficiencies and small yields.

    Epsom Salt and Water does not = Vegatable or Rose fertilizer
    All epsom salt is, is magnesium sulphate. It has no NPK value at all.
    Coffee grounds do not = Rose fertilizer
    If you used coffee grounds at the level you'd need to to have a healthy plant, you'd raise the pH to toxic levels. Also the idea that coffee grounds are 'rich' in nutrients isn't true. They have a NPK value of about 2.0 - 0.32 - 0.28
    NPK of stuff
    Vinegar does not = Houseplant or Rose Fertilizer
    All it does is raise the pH and you don't need to do that if you balanced it right inthe beginning. You add vinegar to your nute solution to raise THAT but pouring it into the soil is pointless otherwise.

    The Eggshell part wast true.

    If you're really interested in making your own fertilizer, looking into compost and manure tea with alfalfa, succinate, citric acid, beneficial bacteria, predatory microbes and all kinds of other good stuff. There are even recipies to make your own chemical fertilizers if you want. $100 worth of bulk chemical fertilzer can give you enough to mix your own for years and years. I don't know anything about making my own chem ferts though. I was nevr good at science stuff...
    Check out your neighborhood plant nurseries too. Some of them provide a fertilizer mixing service so you can customize it for your specific plants. It too is a lot cheaper. Good luck.

    stonerman Well-Known Member

    actually about the response to the human poop. I know a guy who would get a dump truck load delivered to his house every spring from the sewage plant. It was the recycled sewage of some kind. It was just a really rich nice soil. not stinky, quite dark jammed pack with all sorts of nutrients. He would swear by it, Grow all of his plants in it, and apparently, the plants loved the stuff, hes grown 8-9 foot tall plants in the stuff. But as far as scooping a fresh crap out of the toilet bowl and throwing it in the garden, that's probably a bad idea. lol

    PEACE :bigjoint:

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    Used coffee grounds are a great source of Nitrogen among other things. Add to you compost pile, use in teas or just top dress, its good stuff for growing. And vinegar has its place when used within reason(not being used as a pH adjuster)full of B vitamins amino acids a plant can use. And vinegar is an acid(lowers pH)not a alkaline(raises pH).......undistilled apple cider seems to be the best choice..

    sorethumb Active Member

    urine and fish water with a little floralicius should be a nice combo i wish they could just talk lol. ill have the urine and fish water now dude. lmao

    cesco Active Member

    Mine would say...

    :joint: SMOKE ME! :joint:

    missnu Well-Known Member

    I add compost made up of random house scraps and it has all the same things all at once...Most people use these things or a variation of these things to improve their potting soil before they even use it...so no need to add it later, it is already there..

    hustlerrr Member

    i was thinking could you combine them for example do the vinegar , epson salts and egg shells together?

    or if not what stages of growth are each of these good for?

    FresnoFarmer Well-Known Member

    that all cost more than what I paid for my MG Bloom Booster today.....$1.27 from Rite Aid.

    krueger100 Member

    I've Heard of a lot of people using Human Manure, there is actually a name for them.

    Any guess what it is?

    They are called, JAPANESE

    The japanese have used human manure for thousands of years to grow their crops, doesn't mean its safe tho

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