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Homemade Dehumidifier?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by MARAVALU, Nov 19, 2008.


    MARAVALU Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how to make a homemade Dehumidifier please?

    My plants are taking a beating from the humidity levels in my grow.
    In the dark periods it can hit over 90%
    In the light periods i'm lucky for it to be lower than 75%

    Have no money at all and was wondering can anyone help as my plants are in flowering and i know its critical!!

    ontariogrower Well-Known Member

    add more fans but why build one you can pick one up at any thrift shop or walmart for next to nothing

    smokeandfly Well-Known Member

    yer dehumidifiers are cheap its the humidifiers that cost

    MARAVALU Well-Known Member


    smokeandfly Well-Known Member

    o ok sorry if that is the case then. hows this. wouldnt know if it works.

    get some Calcium Chloride or rock salt. Wrap a pile of it in cheesecloth, tie it off, and hang it from a string over a bucket. apparently it works wonders. or if u can make clones make them sell them and buy a real one with the money
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    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    that's dangerously high, there's only one other solution if you can't buy a dehumidifier and that's venting in outside air which has to be warmed up first. The only temporary solution is to make sure you've got a lot air movement on them. Make sure you never get the buds wet or you could get rot.

    MARAVALU Well-Known Member

    thanks lads, going for the salt idea.
    lets hope it works well,
    have clones made but ya cant sell them over here, people arent interested.
    thanks lads

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    You know what I do to help my drying process (humidity is not a problem here, but lack of)? I made a rice necklace out of dry, uncooked rice and an old stocking.

    MARAVALU Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna give the rice necklace a go too, i've got some salt in a bowl in there but not much happening,i've taken an extractor fan and carbon filter out of my clone tent and put that into it too but the humidity outside is at 80% and it's not helping at all.
    So i'm gonna give this rice idea a shot too,
    Thanks for all the help lads and keep it coming or my plants are gonna die.....

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