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Homemade Costless GrowBox

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mal_crane, May 17, 2007.


    mal_crane Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to be a showoff and let some people see how cheap and easy it can be to build and maintain a grow box. This box cost me virtually nothing to build; just materials around the house.





    This little no cost box has grown me some gorgeous plants. I use it mostly for sexing my plants. I grow under 12/12 from Day 1 til approximately Day 25 when I begin to find which plants are males and which ones are females. I keep the females (I have about a 70% success rate at getting females lately, hopefully my new babies will be just as good) and continue on the 12/12 schedule until approximately Day 60 to Day 75 when I turn off all lights for three days and then harvest.

    past babies of mine:



    fredlnoakes Well-Known Member

    Yes nice. what kind of light is that? I don't mind a small initial investment though. I was just thinking and I don't want to shell out the 300 plus bones for a tek light t5 4 bulb lamp 20,000 lumens. so I decided to use 2 four ft. shop lamps 12,000 lumens and 2 55 watt cfl's 6000 lumens. only 2,00 less lumens for a far greater value. If you check around you can find the shop lights on sale and spend around 70 bones for lighting instead of 300 plus for the t 5's.

    AphexTwin Well-Known Member

    How many watts do you have in there and do you have fans etc? Also do you flower in there as well and what's the yield like. Looks like a nice little set-up.

    mal_crane Well-Known Member

    Fred - I have another seperate setup using shop lites however I don't think that setup does as well as this grow-box. The light in the box is a 46watt CFL.

    Aphex - At the moment I do not have a fan setup as I have not come across any air circulation problems as of yet. I open the doors several times a day and let the air change. The temp has yet to get above 70 in the box. I pretty much only use it as a sexing box but you can grow from beginning to end if you are looking for small plants with maximum end product. I grow different from anyone I've encountered yet. I use 18/6 for the first two weeks of my plants lives and then immediately switch over to 12/12. It may seem too early to sex, but i find it gets the job done as I tend to have a 70/30 ratio of females to males. If the plants outgrow the box, I simply place it underneath a trash can grow. The yield is decent usually around an ounce to a 1/4 pound

    AphexTwin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply Mal. At the moment I'm interested in this type of grow cause I have quite a limiled space, Looks good. Is this plant a cannabis plant? It has the structure but the leaves look kinda weird. And you said you have a 46 watt cfl in there, sorry for all the q's it's just I hope to set up a similar grow.


    mal_crane Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comment Mr Dro :blsmoke:

    Aphex - Definately was weed. I topped it early before the first set of real leaves and it turned into a crazy 2ft x 2ft bush of green leaves! too bad it was a male :-(

    TheDankest Member

    What about the smell during flowering?

    rastaman1 Member

    Hi man, cool simple setup. i was just wondering... how did you install the system? (where you screw in the bulb in other words? i can't seem to figure it out. Thanks

    Itsnewforstu2013 Member

    Hi. I am new and so green when it comes to this part of the cycle. Can I use a standard lamp and bulb in my home made box

    zVice Active Member

    Is that tinfoil? lololz

    Really hope that you don't find out the hard way that cardboard and electricity are not the smartest idea

    also judging by the amount of light leaking out, you will most likely have the same amount leaking in with lights out.

    no ventilation either, but mind with the massive gaps and holes you should be alright haha

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