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Homebrew Beer w/ Marijuana Recipes

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by GreenSurfer, Oct 24, 2008.


    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    I roll a fatty, then go to the fridge, grab a frosty. Now the good part. I open the cold beer, then light the fatty. It works pretty good.
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    aengre Active Member

    Hmm...I like beer. And, I like me some Jane. So, only one thing to deduce from those facts. I must make me some Cannabeer.

    HIMTattoos Active Member

    Okay, so I don't think this thread has been fully answered, if so disregard my post. My tattoo artist also brews beer so I'm basing my facts off of his experience.

    Apparently THC is alcohol soluble so he took about an 8th, and soaked it in Everclear for about 2-3 days. Then he added the mixture to the secondary. Now that you have raised the alcohol content of the beer so drastically you may have shocked the yeast and killed them. So at that time you must use a yeast booster, you should be able to get them from the local homebrew store, or I know austin homebrew supply has them. Ferment for another week, rack for a second time attempting to remove all remenints of MJ. After another week your ready to bottle or keg.

    I know he used a lambic, kit that he purchased from the brew supply store here in town.
    I had a bottle, as a beer it turned out fantastic **you get any MJ flavor in the beer** and the high was subpar and more body high, but the beer will mess you up quick.

    Once again, I'm not a professional brewer, nor did I attempt this myself. Although I am an inspiring, head brewer.

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    What I want to do, if I can wrangle a kit from my husband, is water cure then add that to the secondary directly. It seems that one could simply allow the alcohol present in the secondary to do its job, yeah? Of course, boosting the primary with a little extra sugar (say, a cup of honey?) will give it that extra oomph, too.

    Northern Brewer is pretty good, and I think they have a forum, too. I don't know that I'd ask 'em about brewing pot beer (we're not talking hemp) though.

    AwesomeBillfromDawsonvill Active Member

    I have a recipe I've been working on for a while, just never seem to have the bud to do it. My thought is that I would want some of the MJ taste, Hops and Cannabis are related, I've read, and I think the taste of some really good dank would compliment the hops (especially in a good IPA.) For the THC content though, I don't want ANY chances with my yeast. I've had one bad batch and I've never been so pissed. My closest Home Brew Shop is like 50 miles out! My thought is to extract the goodies via some everclear, let the alcohol evaporate off until I can be sure that it's at an acceptable level (doesn't smell like straight ass liquor) At that point I doubt your yeast would be affected, especially if you are mixing it if five gallons of beer. I would think I would add this either in secondary, or maybe even bottling/kegging. If you keg with force carbonation, you don't have to worry about the yeast at this point any way, so why the hell not? Just my thoughts as a fellow home brewer and bongsmilie
    Armadillo Slim

    Armadillo Slim Well-Known Member

    I do a bit of homebrewing myself and also thought it would be cool to have some bud beer (get it?!) mostly for comedic value at parties. So I made some green dragon from a 75cl bottle of vodka and 3/8 th's of quite good weed then added it to my beer after i'd bottled it. One of my non smoking friends didn't believe me but after two pints he was lying on the floor saying "jesus, i'm fucking out of it" so we poked him and put watsits up his nose. Yes were terrible friends.:evil:

    cantbereal Active Member

    I made a few batches. The best buzz is when I brew a 5 gal batch I add 1/2 oz pot oil ( same as cooking ) in secondary, 1 oz of Vodka 100 proof ( 1/2 oz good smoke -soaked for 30 days ) per 16 oz at bottling. This only works with Belgian yeast, most yeast dies at 5%, check yeast for high %, I normally order the yeast good to 10% but my brew is only 8%. I did order yeast that could go to 20%, added a lot of every thing - but that beer left everyone passed out - but it was good and everyone wants me to brew it again, evern my wife.
    The best (most pot flavor) was putting an OZ of fresh flower top in a grain bag and leaving in the secondary for 30 days. This was in a 5% beer but the high was not great, I made oil with the spent tops and the oil came out good, which meant the soaking in the beer was not very efficient for extracting the THC. I never had great luck making pot water – which should be a easy way to brew. Well I am off to the brew store now. Going to make a batch using just the vodka way, this way I have one case with bud and 1 case without.

    god420 Active Member

    sweet let me know how that works out bro

    cantbereal Active Member

    can't tell for thirty days. Sampled it going into the secondary and it was good. The big test is after it been in a bottle for a while, if it if flat then I killed the yeast, a little head then I wait longer, too much head and I know I bottled it before it was done fermenting. Could use one now but I will have to wait. ps they need a drinking smilie.:sleep:

    cantbereal Active Member

    My batch of beer is finished and holy shit. One beer totally fucked me up. It took about two hours for the buzz to hit, not sure why but it last a good 5 hours for all of us. Some say it was there most fucked up ever. I changed a little after reading some on the use Vodka. I soaked for thirty days in100 proof – ½ oz good bud – littler of vodka. After thirty days I doubled boiled the vodka mix. For 30 minutes I kept it just hot enough so the weed would float up and sink back down. I did this trying to reduce the alcohol content, this would allow me to make it much strong ( higher thc ) with my choice of yeast. I then added one oz to each bottle – made 29 – 12 oz beers – the filled with beer, caped, waited two weeks, enjoyed

    Ps tried to make oil with used weed – no buzz – this is good because I know the extraction worked very well. I always try this when using a new method.

    My next test will be to double boil the vodka mix until half the volume left. I will also look for some 198 proof but not sure if I can buy around here.

    anansi Member

    wait, what beer kit did you use again? have you tried mr beer? they say it's one of the easiest to brew.


    blew Member

    add your cut up buds after primary fermentation and let it rest for a month. you may want to dip it into water with sterilizing agent before dry hopping. :mrgreen:

    blew Member

    add your cut up buds after primary fermentation. dip them in a sterilizing agent. let them age a month before racking. you could put a small piece in each bottle for effect if the beer is clear enough.

    blew Member

    glycerin may kill the head.

    Pdxcascadian Member

    The best way to increase your buds power in your beer is to "decarboxylate" your THC. This replicates the chemical reaction you get when you smoke/vaporize/bake your bud. If you toast your buds in an oven at 300 degrees for about a half hour (checking regularly for burning or crisping) the c02 in it detaches and makes it readily absorbed by your body.
    I have a recipe i've used a few times, not giving it all away, called Drain Bamage. I usually make kief after toasting the buds, then dissolve it in maybe 1/8th cup high strength alcahol (DON'T USE EVERCLEAR, IT TASTES HORRID IN BEER!) like brandy or scotch. This makes a Green Dragon of sorts which i add to my secondary.
    I've never had the THC "go bad" so age as long as you'd like.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11-nor-9-Carboxy-THC - science is a great thing!!

    BigZeb Member

    I brew a lot a beer and smoke a lot a weed. I think the best idea would be to add the beer into the secondary fermenter, like dry hopping. I'm not sure if this would infect the brew our not, since I dont think marijuana has the preservative properties that hops have. I am going to try it out one of these days but i would love to hear if somebody has already done it

    RedBat Member

    Medical Grade

    Medical Grade Well-Known Member

    Awesome thread, I know its an old one but great info in here. We brew an american red ale we dubbed "radical red" that we put flowers into 2ndary for 15 days. We do not get much effect from it so next time I will be trying to decarb it, make a green dragon extract, and pitch to 2ndary along with fresh flowers to get some of the bud flavor as well.

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