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Home remedies for spider mites?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by hossfield, Mar 19, 2008.


    hossfield Well-Known Member

    i think theyre spider mites, they are vary small like gnat sized, can fly, love to hang around my plants, but i have yet to see any webs so im not sure but they have been around for about 2 weeks, they are more of a problem on my mother plant, and i think they have been eating the fan leaves (not to much damage just a few leaves, but it looks like they have been munched on)

    confirm what these are? and any cheap home remedies for em?(i have zero money atm)

    lesserknowncharacter Active Member

    someone told me you can let tobacco out of a swisher sweet soak in water for a few hours, then take all the tobacco out of the water and put the water in a spray bottle. spray it all over your plant and let that sit for a while, then spray your plant down again with clean water to wash all of the tobacco water off. i don't even know if this works, it's just what i was told but to me it's worth a try.

    hossfield Well-Known Member

    ya i think i heard of someone soaking cigarette butts over night, can anyone confirm this? also anyone know if what i have even are spider mites? im still not sure what they are
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    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    negative dont fly around an there about the size of a pen head ....they live on the underside of the leafs an are real trouble makers once you get em...as far as home remedys..negtive get real stuff early to hit em an knock em out ..do not let mites geta single leaf...peace az

    hossfield Well-Known Member

    well what the crap do i have? haha they fly, are vary small, and have been munching on the leaves a bit

    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    there's all kind of flying pests..i suggest purchasing a hot strip for flying insects...will do the job 99% of the time...peace az

    hossfield Well-Known Member

    what the hell is a hot strip?
    General Anesthetic

    General Anesthetic Well-Known Member

    Dude you probably have fungus gnats. Mixed some liquid soap and water in a spray bottle and spray your plants down with it including the soil. Gnats hate glycerin. I don't know what that munched on look could be, but get a scented glue trap and lay it down in your grow room. Whatever it is may get stuck on the trap then take it to your local garden center to get it I.D.'d.

    KungFuEric Active Member

    word. sounds like fungus gnat to me.
    feeds off your roots more than your leaves though. reduces the plants ability to take in nutrient
    get some yellow card traps put em round the bottoms of the plants and maybe hang a couple.
    you can get some shit to put in your feed that kills off the larvae thats in your roots too.

    Deusracing Well-Known Member

    Here's the thing. Nicotine is a pesticide. As for amounts to use unsure. In actually having same issue but I have liquid nicotine. Scared to use it

    BxHaZe87 Well-Known Member

    it can be thrips

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    I Have never heard of flying spiders. You have gnats get some yellow sticky strips and chemicals if needed.

    jointed Well-Known Member

    Get yourself about 6-8 habanero's and chop em up a good bit, seeds too. Simmer them in a quart of water ( do not boil em) for 20 mins or so and then strain out the peppers leaving only the liquid.
    Add the pepper juice to a gallon of water with a couple drops of ivory dishsoap and spray them girls down with it, repeat every 3 days until you see no more pests. Chemical free and works like a charm.
    Also can be used as a soil drench for gnats and root aphids, it prob won't get rid of the aphids though, but it will slow em down a bit.

    One word of caution...cover your face and arms and do not breath the mist...trust me I know..LOL
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    a layer of DM or horticultural sand on the growing medium will help. also a fan can disrupt them too

    jointed Well-Known Member

    Dm works until time to water, once it gets wet its no longer effective.
    And don't breath the dust!! Not good for ya.

    domino7 Well-Known Member

    I've been using a 40% alcohol 60% water solution for all pests including mites, and having as much success as I have had with any pesticide. Although, as stated above, mites don't fly. For the plants growing in soil, I also add a layer of sand to the top of the pot, and it seems to stop the fungus gnats within a few days.

    Deusracing Well-Known Member

    We'll dammit I looked under scope and for sure spider mites. Ugh see what happens when I try soil. So I read all everyone wrote and well I but urged all her fan leaves infected washed entire plant with dawn water and a liquid nicotine. So hope they all die and plant bounces back. I've tried saving this pm ripper clone 3 times now

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